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Peer Mind - Your Personal P2P Monitor

by shoroco & 4 others
PeerMind uses Nareos state-of-the-art P2P Presence technology to constantly monitor the global P2P networks. Currently, we monitor EDonkey 2000 and Gnutella networks, and we are working on adding FastTrack and BitTorrent. PeerMind registers millions of file-sharing events every week, and you can see the aggregated results on this site. Using that data, we publish weekly charts of top P2P songs, movies, games and software titles. Our charts show the total number of copies of an item that were available on peer-to-peer file sharing networks during the week. As we collect huge amounts of data every week, there are some even more exciting things that can be discovered from that data. Nareos will broaden the range of charts and reports, offering some of them for free to the general public.


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