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Danger - Stop Saying "You Forgot To…" in Code Review

by Spone
Danger runs during your CI process, and gives teams the chance to automate common code review chores. This provides another logical step in your build, through this Danger can help lint your rote tasks in daily code review. You can use Danger to codify your teams norms. Leaving humans to think about harder problems. She does this by leaving messages inside your PRs based on rules that you create with the Ruby scripting language. Over time, as rules are adhered to, the message is amended to reflect the current state of the code review.


Pry: A Simple Start

by NiMe
Un outil alternatif à IRB avec plein de fonctionnalités intéressantes en plus

Why You Should Taste Grape – Glauco Custódio – Software engineering, open source, community and passion

by Spone
I know that Rails 5 with --api mode is around the corner. But I need to say you how awesome is to build APIs with Grape. I will show you why. What are the main features we expect from a good API? Parameter validation Parameter coercion Documentation Serialization Performance Versioning Authentication Testing The first four items are the ones in which Grape really shines for me. I am going through one at a time.

Stubbing External Services in Rails - Semaphore

by Spone
Learn how to stub external services when testing your Ruby on Rails application.



by NiMe
Ruby Minecraft Plugin support on top of bukkit


How to integrate Sidekiq with ActiveJob - Ruby Journal

by Spone
One of the hot thing in Rails 4.2 is the brand new ActiveJob gem, this gem consolidate the API for background job gems on the market such as DelayedJob, Resque, etc. Today I am going to guide you through how to integrate Sidekiq with ActiveJob

Sonic Pi

by Spone & 1 other
A free sound synthesiser for live coding designed to support computing and music lessons within schools. Use code to compose and perform in classical and contemporary styles ranging from Canons to Dubstep.

TTY • Toolbox for developing CLI clients in Ruby

by Spone
The Ruby toolbox that you can use for building CLI projects

Volt - Home

by Spone
Volt is a framework for building data rich web applications shockingly fast.

Introducing Praxis

by Spone
Build APIs the way you always wanted.

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