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Achat groupé de maisons

by tonio78
Maisoniadeal proposent des réductions de 20% à 30% sur des maisons, dans le cas où un nombre de maisons vendus est atteint. C’est en quelque sorte de l’achat groupé de maisons individuelles à construire.


Les promos locales sont maintenant sur Facebook Deals -

by srcmax

C'est sans doute le service mobile le plus important lancé par Facebook. «Deals», c'est en quelque sorte le coupon de réduction et la carte de fidélité version moderne et sociale.


Top 7 recession busting deals

by sar420
With tight wallets and tighter budgets, its not a good feeling to sit at home and bemoan the state of the economy and the job losses. We should rather take up the opportunities offered by the recession before its too late!


Deals and Coupons

by aff007
Find the latest coupon codes and great deals at Dream Closet Deals.

Zimini Software : Get Great offers, Promotions and Coupons to your Desktop.

by cyberien (via)
Receive Coupons & Special Offers Based On Your Interests Right On Your Desktop Zimini is a free software application. You download it and build a personal profile - that resides securely on your computer - then Zimini finds great offers, coupons and promotions based on your unique interests.

4 four hour phonecards that can be used for domestic or international calls CONTEST

by darshak9
4 four hour phonecards that can be used for domestic or international calls CONTEST

KeepCash Combines Web 2.0 and Hot Deals

by vsdwork83 & 1 other (via)
KeepCash has been posting daily the latest hot deals and coupons from across the web. This is one of the better hot deals websites out there. : Online Shop for books, music, DVD, Electronics & more

by brookeyan
Online Shopping & comparison for wide range of products & services including apparel, books, cllectibles, music, DVD, electronics, jewelry, coupons and more with easy deal.

Brooklyn Shopping - Discount Shopping, Bargains and Deals in Brooklyn Stores

by cyberien & 1 other
MyStore. A new way to bring local shoppers to you. Now you can tap into the millions of consumers that use the Internet for local shopping with MyStore - a special localized presentation for your business from ShopLocal, the leader in the local Internet. Simply type and click to create MyStore, then let ShopLocal's unique geo-targeting software search the World Wide Web for customers near your business. It's the right way for local businesses to use the Internet today.

Big Limos specials

by MikeStar
The best deals from Big Limos

T-shirts Around the Internet

by mel0dy (via)
Cool t-shirts blog with t-shirt designs selections and hot deals of your favorites t-shirt shop.

by jasmine94065
The fastest way to find coupons and the hottest deals on the Internet on one page... updated by the minute!

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