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Social Media Buttons on Mobile-First Responsive Designs - Themble

by Spone
Social Sharing buttons can be brutal on load time (Facebook I’m looking at you) and with speed being a crucial factor in building a mobile version of your site, it can be a pain to try and maintain all those scripts without slowing down the site in the process. Loading Facebook, Twitter, Google’s +1 button, and other sharing buttons for a mobile site isn’t ideal.

by Spone
This is a super simple service for generating different HTTP codes. It's useful for testing how your own scripts deal with varying responses.


Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages

by cascamorto
# Batch Files * Getting Started * Batch Techniques o Debugging o Data & Variables o Devices o Files o Folders o Internet o Inventory o Miscellaneous o Network o Printing o Processes & Services o Program Flow o Registry o Samples Collections o Schedulers o Security o Time & Date o UNIX Ports o User Interaction * Batch HowTos * Commands * Command Line Switches * Shutdown Commands * Short Command Line Tips * Admin One-Liners * Examples * Samples Collections * Tools * Links * Books * Challenges # KiXtart * Getting Started * Examples * Links * Tools * Books # Perl * Getting Started * Examples * Links * Tools * Books # PowerShell * Getting Started * Examples * Links * Tools * Books # Regular Expressions * Getting Started * Expressions * Examples * Links * Tools * Books # Rexx * Getting Started * Examples * OS/2 LAN Server * Links * Tools * Books # VBScript & WSH * Getting Started * VBScript Techniques o Debugging o Data & Variables o Databases o Engines o Files o Folders o Internet o Inventory o Multimedia o Network o Object Browsers o OLE Automation o Printing o Processes & Services o Registry o Regular Expressions o Shortcuts o Time & Date o User Interaction * Examples * HTA & WSC Examples * Links * Tools * Books * Challenges # WMI * Getting Started * Examples * Links * Books * Tools # ADSI * Getting Started * Examples * Links * Books * Tools # Silent Installs * General * Windows Installer * Specific software * Software requirements * Hardware requirements # Books * Batch Files * Windows * Resource Kits * KiXtart * Perl * PowerShell * Regular Expressions * Rexx * WSH & VBScript * WMI * ADSI * HTML, JavaScript & CSS # Scripting Tools * Batch Utilities * Resource Kits * Compilers * Editors * Code Generators * Regular Expressions * Automation Tools * VBScript Add-Ons * Code Search * Printing Tools * Inventory Tools * Shell Extensions * File viewers * Backup * Security * The Making Of...

webfnt-method - Project Hosting on Google Code

by Spone
The goal of this project is to bring web fonts to every browser on every device. Using a hybrid of new @font-face technology and the older Cufón technology these scripts serve the best web font files to each browser.

3D Mandelbulb Fractal Ray Tracer • subblue

by rmaltete (via)
3D Mandelbulb Ray Tracer Mandelbulbs are a new class of 3D Mandelbrot fractals. Unlike many other 3D fractals the Mandelbulb continues to reveal finer details the closer you look. This implementation was written as a Pixel Bender filter then ported over to QuartzComposer as a GLSL patch to enable animation. The scripts run on the GPU which makes real-time interactive exploration possible. For more information behind the discovery of the Mandelbulb see the accompanying blog post.


arc90 lab

by ycc2106 & 6 others
The lab is a place for us to share our ideas, tools and the occasional experiment in Web technology.

WampServer 2 : installation PHP MySQL Apache

by rmaltete & 13 others
WampServer est une plate-forme de développement Web sous Windows. Il vous permet de développer des applications Web dynamiques à l'aide du serveur Apache2, du langage de scripts PHP et d'une base de données MySQL. Il possède également PHPMyAdmin et SQLite Manager pour gérer plus facilement vos bases de données. Comme vous allez le voir, WampServer s'installe facilement et son utilisation très intuitive permet de le configurer très rapidement (sans toucher aux fichiers de configuration). Contrairement aux autres solutions, WampServer vous permet de reproduire fidélement votre serveur de production. Une fois la base installée, vous avez la possibilité d'ajouter autant de versions de Apache, MySQL et PHP que vous le souhaitez. WampServer dispose également d'un "TrayIcon" vous permettant de gérer et configurer simplement vos serveurs, sans toucher aux fichiers de configuration. Anciennement WAMP5

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