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Zebra Perde

by Webtam (via)
Perdecoskun firması farkıyla en iyi zebra perde modellerini sunan firma 2014 kreasyon ürünleriyle ve uygun fiyatlarıyla siz müşterilerinin hizmetindedir.





web without sense

by 4004
Essentially a blog, it is a gallery of common place website design/layout/marketing/general annoyances on the Internet. Equally, it is satirical dialogue aimed to get a message across while being frank and outward.

CSS Templates ( Page 1 of 15 ) - Free CSS Templates

by holyver (via)
Find here a never before seen collection of free CSS Templates, one of the biggest in the entire web! All these CSS templates are: * 1. Table free in its design (no tables have been used for layout purposes). * 2. The templates are light weight, so that it won’t take too long to load. * 3. W3C Standard compliant. * 4. Comes with public domain photos, provided by Wikimedia Commons and * 5. And comes FREE under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

Galeries CSS, télécharger des thèmes libres de droits

by holyver & 8 others
Pour qu’un site soit lu il vaut mieux privilégier le contenu au design, cela ne fait aucun doute. En revanche un design bancal, un contraste trop faible, peuvent nuire à la clarté de l’information et de ce fait faire fuir les visiteurs. Voici donc une sélection de quelques sites où vous pouvez télécharger des thèmes (design ou templates en anglais) librement. Il est important de noter que ces thèmes sont prêts à être utilisés. Vous n’avez besoin d’aucune connaissance en CSS ou HTML pour les installer, vous avez juste l’embarras du choix.

100+ Open Courseware Collections for Aspiring Web Devs - Web Hosting Unleashed

by springnet
free tutorials and collections from top universities and well-respected websites to train you in areas like web design, graphics and imaging, programming and coding, multimedia, connecting with your audience, and even learning freelancing and entrepreneur

woork: Perfect pagination style using CSS

by camel & 5 others (via)
This tutorial explains how to design a pagination for search results or more in general to split a long list of records in more pages. It's a question I often receive, so I decided to publish a very simple post which explains how to design a perfect pagination style using some lines of HTML and CSS code.

galleria - Google Code

by camel & 3 others (via)
Galleria is a javascript image gallery written in jQuery. It loads the images one by one from an unordered list and displays thumbnails when each image is loaded. It will create thumbnails for you if you choose so, scaled or unscaled, centered and cropped inside a fixed thumbnail box defined by CSS. The core of Galleria lies in it's smart preloading behaviour, snappiness and the fresh absence of obtrusive design elements. Use it as a foundation for your custom styled image gallery.

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