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Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin - jsGrid

by Tiagut
sGrid is a lightweight client-side data grid control based on jQuery. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging and sorting. jsGrid is flexible and allows to customize appearance and components.

Horizontal Drop-Down Menu

by Tiagut (via)
This large horizontal drop-down menu simply shows the sub-menu when an item gets clicked. It’s inspired by the drop-down menu. Some example media queries show how to adjust the menu for smaller screens.

March 2015

Motion sensing using the doppler effect

by Krome
Motion sensing using the doppler effect

February 2015

github/fetch · GitHub

by Krome & 1 other
The global fetch function is an easier way to make web requests and handle responses than using an XMLHttpRequest.


by Krome
Waypoints is the easiest way to trigger a function when you scroll to an element.


by Krome
Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)

January 2015 - the missing cdn for javascript and css

by Krome
Everyone loves the Google CDN right? Even Microsoft runs their own CDN. The problem is, they only host the most popular libraries. We host it all - JavaScript, CSS, SWF, images, etc!

is.js - micro check library

by Krome & 1 other
Check types, regexps, presence, time and more

gmaps.js — Google Maps API with less pain and more fun

by Krome & 2 others
gmaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more extensive documentation or large amount of code.

AnalogJ/matchmedia-ng · GitHub

by Krome & 1 other
matchmedia-ng is a set of AngularJS bindings and helper functions for the matchMedia javascript api. With matchMedia, AngularJS and matchmedia-ng you can automatically respond to the orientation, browser height, width and other properties supported by CSS Media Queries.

Visual feedback for web design and development

by Krome
TrackDuck covers all your feedback needs: from mockups to live websites

Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...

by Krome & 7 others
Generate the favicon pictures and HTML code that work on all major browsers and platforms

TheaterJS, a typing effect mimicking human behavior.

by Krome & 2 others
With TheaterJS you can have typing effects that mimic human behavior

November 2014

Front-end Tooling Workflows // Speaker Deck

by Krome & 1 other
~ 198 slides on tools to help you stay productive on the front-end.

Weather Conditions

by Krome
Weather condition codes


by Krome & 2 others
pjax is a jQuery plugin that uses ajax and pushState to deliver a fast browsing experience with real permalinks, page titles, and a working back button.


by Krome & 1 other
Code Issues 12 Pull Requests 6 Wiki Pulse Graphs HTTPS clone URL You can clone with HTTPS, SSH, or Subversion. Clone in Desktop Download ZIP A custom element for flexible GIF playback

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