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Remote Pair programming tool

by asteri
Remote pair programming with multiples IDEs (Jetbrains, VS Code..), multi OS (Mac, win, linux)

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php - WooCommerce: How to retain checkout info when client leaves then comes back? - Stack Overflow

by keusta
appears to be the only valid solution that has been documented on the net thus far. WooCommerce did not store the checkout form values for anonymous users after submit, so the checkout form user input was lost in my multi-step checkout implementation when the checkout page was refreshed or reloaded. I do consider this a bug in WooCommerce Core and will file a corresponding issue as soon as time permits (this customer user input form values madness unexpectedly sucked up entire days recently). Especially thanks for the shipping

php - Change WooCommerce variable product title based on variation - Stack Overflow

by keusta
title the color attribute vakue of the chosen variation, meaning that if there is many select fields (many attributes), the color text value will be displayed in the title only once the variation price will appear (selected variation). its based on PHP and jQuery as it's a live event on client browser side.

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