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16 December 2010

15 December 2010

Mobile Web Application Best Practices

Mobile Web Application Best Practices. W3C Recommendation 14 December 2010

14 December 2010

Buy, sell, trade, give and be neighborly | Krrb

Krrb is a safe place to buy, sell, trade or give to your neighbors — locally and in-person.

13 December 2010

Group collaboration, business organizer, outliner: Knowcase

A collaborative group notebook for business. Brainstorm, take notes and track todos. Organize and share information with your team.

WordPress Plugin: Update URLs – Web Development Blog

One common problem with moving WordPress to a new domain or directory is that updating the settings does not update the permalinks or urls embedded in the content. This means that images and other uploaded content will not show up! This plugin fixes that problem. It updates all urls and content links in your website to reflect the move to the new domain or directory.

Macintosh Performance Guide: Articles & Reviews

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A huge list of performance trics for macs (via @lejoe)


We'll take any* webpage and create an archive of it for you.

09 December 2010


time tracking application that supports a huge range of different online (and Mac-based) invoicing apps

Soulver | Acqualia

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It’s quicker to use than a spreadsheet, and smarter and clearer than a traditional calculator.

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