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December 2008

July 2008

Nokia N810 FAQ

Nokia N810 FAQ

May 2008

adnota GmbH

ADnota GeoTag inserts the current GPS coordinates into your pictures. Automatically, when saving the picture. Format: EXIF. Available for the Nokia N95 and N82 smartphones.

“Where Am I?” on a Nokia N95 in 8 lines of Python

The Nokia N95 mobile phone is tailor-made for experimenting with Plazes: it has an internal GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, and can run Python. What more could you ask for in a location-based hacking device?

Teemu’s Blog » Fupper

Fupper is a photo uploading tool that you can use to upload photos to Flickr photo service using Series 60 mobile phones. It is written in Python and released as open source under the GPL license. You can find the source code from here. To download the application see the “Installing” section below.

Python на Symbian S60: объекты, создание интерфейса (модуль appuifw) пример - Статьи - ЖУРНАЛ «MOBI»

Python на Symbian S60: объекты, создание интерфейса (модуль appuifw) пример

PyS60 applications - OpenSource

Here are some of the applications people have written using Python for S60.

April 2008

Gmail POP SSL certs for Symbian / Nokia phones

openssl x509 -outform DER -in equifax.pem -out equifax.der

January 2008

Nokia n800 - Network Backups

This is a linux machine after all and setting everything up exactly the way you want can take quite a while (freedom of choice can be a bitch). In my case it takes over 5 hours of setup time from bare metal to a comfortable system with all the applications I use on a daily basis. So it's a good idea to insure your time investment by making backups of the entire root filesystem over SSH to a remote machine.

December 2007

April 2007

March 2007

ThoughtFix on Nokia Internet Tablets: Nokia N800 Storage Benchmarks

These results are of limited scientific use since I have no comparisons. I invite users to replicate my commands here and report their results either in comments here or in this InternetTabletTalk thread. Please try those "super" or "ultra" SD cards so we can see if they are any faster. First are the results using my 1GB SanDisk RS-MMC card in the "removable" slot using the RS-MMC to SD adapter. I am including screenshots so users can see the commands used, including how to generate a file exactly 64M.

ThoughtFix on Nokia Internet Tablets: Nokia N800 Hacking Volume 1

The preliminaries for hacking a Nokia Internet Tablet are the following: Root Access and USB Host Mode

Где купить nokia n800

Где купить nokia n800

Let’s take pictures! at Raphaël Slinckx

I searched the internet for something existing but unfortunately couldn’t find anything except this little snippet of code for the Nokia 880 device. I took the code, embraced and extended it resulting in:

February 2007 -- VOIP on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

There are eight steps to go; read more at Installing Asterisk on the Nokia 770. Note: A point of interest here is that the linked Asterisk Nokia 770 binary includes a SIP client for OS 2005, which might be useful if you don't want to upgrade for other reasons.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet: Input Methods

The layout of punctuation glyphs on the en_US (US English) keyboard seems to change with every version of Maemo. The one with Maemo-2.0 is very unfriendly to geeks: the punctuation most used when entering shell commands (hyphen, dollar sign, asterisk and double quote) is all shifted, and some important keys (pipe, grave accent and braces) are relegated to the symbol page. Therefore I resolved to create my own custom keyboard. My initial plan (not actually realized) was to call it English (Geek) with a locale symbol of en_GK.

Customizing the Nokia N800 (and 770) or how to configure the device for your purposes

I made a package for the N800 which will give you root access from a shell. This is based on the original becomeroot package.

Maemo/Nokia Internet Tablet software

The Nokia 770 and N800 are "Internet Tablets" running Maemo: a handheld Linux distribution based on Debian.

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