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March 2007

Voice-over-IP gateway for Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo Users

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# Voice calls between Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger and Yahoo! # Voice mail service, interoparable between major IM clients. # Voice conferencing: with any number of participants of any IM type. # Sending off-line messages and notifications. # Calling SIP phones and SIP services. # Receiving calls to your IM from any SIP phone. # Receiving calls to your IM from mobile or landline phones using SIPBroker. # Receiving calls to your IM from web users.

February 2007 -- VOIP on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

There are eight steps to go; read more at Installing Asterisk on the Nokia 770. Note: A point of interest here is that the linked Asterisk Nokia 770 binary includes a SIP client for OS 2005, which might be useful if you don't want to upgrade for other reasons.

November 2006

Free VoIP Softphone for Windows - Download Now to Make Phone Calls From Your PC

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Неплохой sip телефон под винду / работал с asterisk и не жужжал

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