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December 2007

HOWTO: USB Host mode on the N800 using OS 2008 - Internet Tablet Talk

USB host mode can allow the user to connect various hardware devices to the N800 just like a regular computer. There are limitations however, there is limited power and only a few device types will work.

A port of Liferea for mobile linux handheld devices — Ian Lawrence

Frothing (Feed Reading On The Hoof) is a news aggregator for online news feeds. There are many other news readers available, but some are not available for mobile Linux devices or require many extra libraries to be installed. Frothing tries to fill this gap by creating a fast, easy to use, easy to install news aggregator for mobile Linux handheld devices

July 2007

shmuma: Синезуб и N800

Задумка была подружить уши с N800 и сотовым. Чтобы с первого шла музыка, а сотовый при получении звонка ставил плеер на паузу и давал нормально говорить через ухи.

March 2007


PIM Suite Evolution Data Server provides the server backend for the popular GNOME groupware client 'Evolution'. We have been working on bringing EDS’s rich feature set to lower end platforms as to provide a comprehensive PIM backend. The current status of this work is here. As well as the backend we have created some reference GTK based PIM applications for PDA’s which take advantage of our work. These include Contacts, an address book application; Dates, a calender; and Tasks, a to-do list. We hope to also have a simple syncing application.

ThoughtFix on Nokia Internet Tablets: Nokia N800 Storage Benchmarks

These results are of limited scientific use since I have no comparisons. I invite users to replicate my commands here and report their results either in comments here or in this InternetTabletTalk thread. Please try those "super" or "ultra" SD cards so we can see if they are any faster. First are the results using my 1GB SanDisk RS-MMC card in the "removable" slot using the RS-MMC to SD adapter. I am including screenshots so users can see the commands used, including how to generate a file exactly 64M.

ThoughtFix on Nokia Internet Tablets: Nokia N800 Hacking Volume 1

The preliminaries for hacking a Nokia Internet Tablet are the following: Root Access and USB Host Mode


nokia n800 tag

Let’s take pictures! at Raphaël Slinckx

I searched the internet for something existing but unfortunately couldn’t find anything except this little snippet of code for the Nokia 880 device. I took the code, embraced and extended it resulting in:

February 2007

Maemo/Nokia Internet Tablet software

The Nokia 770 and N800 are "Internet Tablets" running Maemo: a handheld Linux distribution based on Debian.

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