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A guide to home row mods

by ghis (via)
Implement home-row mod with KMonad

kmonad/kmonad-contrib: A repository of community configurations, as well as other bits and bobs

by ghis
This repository lists user-contributed configurations, as well as other odds and ends for the kmonad keyboard configuration utility. If you're looking for the main repository, look over there and not here!






Mousetrap - Keyboard shortcuts in Javascript

by Krome & 1 other
A simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.

Arctic Flight Is The Ideal Flight Companion For Your iPad [Kickstarter] | Cult of Mac

by oseres (via)
Using your iPad on a plane or a train can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re attempting to use a wireless keyboard at the same time. But the Arctic Flight is a new Kickstarter project that hopes to change that. It’s a lightweight case and stand that’s fully adjustable and designed specifically for use in flight. It fits perfectly onto those tiny pull-down trays, and it has one novel feature than means you’ll never have to hold onto your iPad through a whole movie again.


by jdrsantos
Synergy lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk, and it's Free and Open Source. Just move your mouse off the edge of one computer's screen on to another. You can even share all of your clipboards. All you need is a network connection. Synergy is cross-platform (works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).


by oseres
Notesy® is a note-taking app for the iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®, backed by the power of Dropbox. * Your notes are seamlessly synced over-the-air, to and from your Dropbox as plain text files. — Take a note on your iPhone or iPad and it will appear on all your computers as a plain text file. — Create a text file on your computer and it will appear as a note in Notesy. * Full offline support: work on your notes whenever and wherever you like. — Notesy will sync it all up for you later. * No in-app advertising or purchases, and no monthly fees. — Dropbox offers a free 2GB account and buy-up options for more data. * Easily collaborate on notes with people you share your Dropbox with. * Use it with Notational Velocity, Automator, AppleScript, Keyboard Maestro and more. — Check out the Notesy weblog for tips on getting the most out of Notesy.


Boot Camp: Apple Keyboard (Ultra–thin USB) keyboard mapping in Windows

by fastclemmy
Useful page for people using Windows on their Macbook Pro (just like me!)


A virtual Keyboard for Google Sites

by prac53
The new Google Web Elements, Virtual Keyboard cannot by directly inserted in a Google Sites. We need to use a Google Gadget

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