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my blog (c) levsha » Blog Archive » Борцуны со спамом, очередная серия

Вру - два одинаковых A писать нельзя. Допустим машина имеет 2 адреса - (основной) и (бекап). A => A => ptr => ptr => Пишем mx 10 =>, mx 20 => Тогда helo (имя машины) будет совпадать с обратным резолвингом для обоих адресов.

Строительство digg-like сайтов на CMS Drupal

Строительство digg-like сайтов на CMS Drupal

“Where Am I?” on a Nokia N95 in 8 lines of Python

The Nokia N95 mobile phone is tailor-made for experimenting with Plazes: it has an internal GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, and can run Python. What more could you ask for in a location-based hacking device?

Teemu’s Blog » Fupper

Fupper is a photo uploading tool that you can use to upload photos to Flickr photo service using Series 60 mobile phones. It is written in Python and released as open source under the GPL license. You can find the source code from here. To download the application see the “Installing” section below.

Empty Thoughts: Django Blogging Apps

blogging apps for the Django platform

django blog engine

Byteflow is a blog engine, written on Django.


Blog post xml-rpc via vim python markdown

Нам понадобится vim с поддержкой python Python markdown Подсветка синтаксиса markdown для vim Примерно такой кусок кода в .vimrc

python:webpy:simpleblog [k4ml's wiki]

I hate bad example and this is one of that. But I’m too lazy to rewrite this. Class should be used to represent a resource (nouns) and not action (verbs). So instead of `add`, `view`, `edit`, we should use something like `Post`, `Comment` to represent a resources request by user. By the time I wrote this, I haven’t realized this yet. Thank’s to Harry Fueck for pointing out this in his comments to my blog entry. - k4ml. Italic Text


uwstopia ★ Blog ★ My fonts are better than yours

Most websites use stylesheets that specify which font-family should be used for rendering the page. While this is fine in most cases, it gets really annoying if you need to read a text in a font that’s typeset in a font you don’t like. Comic Sans comes to mind, but I’m not seeing that one anymore: I simply purged the file from my system.

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Linux-powered blog

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