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documentation:anti_spam:spamassassin:sa-learn:msexchange [MailScanner Wiki]

#!/usr/bin/env python import commands, os, time import imaplib import sys, re import string, random import StringIO, rfc822 # Set required variables PREFS = "/opt/MailScanner/etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf" TMPFILE = "/var/tmp/salearn.tmp" SALEARN = "/usr/bin/sa-learn"

Перевод спецификации по MTA Exim

“ retry time not reached for any host ” - предварительно, адрес подвергся временной ошибке в процессе удалённой доставки, и ни для одного из хостов, к которым был сроучен адрес, не наступило время повтора.

Rejecting viral email at SMTP time with exim4

You can test it's working correctly by sending a message from an outside machine and verifying that it is bounced without being delivered to your local user.

Nokia n800 - Network Backups

This is a linux machine after all and setting everything up exactly the way you want can take quite a while (freedom of choice can be a bitch). In my case it takes over 5 hours of setup time from bare metal to a comfortable system with all the applications I use on a daily basis. So it's a good idea to insure your time investment by making backups of the entire root filesystem over SSH to a remote machine.


Dates and Times

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now = datetime.datetime(*time.strptime("16/6/1981", "%d/%m/%Y")[0:5])

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