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Force Low Quality Flash for Greasemonkey

Make flash playable on older computers with firefox and greasemonkey script!


XP Codec Pack

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"XP Codec Pack is one of the most complete codec pack" audio and Video codecs for windows xp system...

Tales of Future Past

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Site about classical retrofuturism; The future that wasn't... :: Home

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JLime Linux is open source linux disburtion for older HP hand held pc (palmtop) models.. JLime is tested with hp6xx and 7xx series and it is partially working with these models, it is still in development so more supported models wil be coming in future..

ReactOS Homepage

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From the page: "ReactOS® is an advanced free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows® XP compatible operating system."

Vesalia Computer - MMC64

MMC64 is amazing SD-card reader for Legendary Commodore 64 computer.. This is the answer if you need storage space for your games and programs.............

Retro Thing

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The name says everything... Retro thing is blog full of little retro things..:)



Text based User Interface for last fm in Linux..

Bonk Museum

Bonk Business Inc. simulates a century-old company in every detail, blurring the line between art and business, and between fact and fiction...

by 2 others, 1 comment is now changed to! Remeber the old form year 1998-2000? This site is samekind of (indie)music community than was in the good old days.. is more advanced and easy to use.. is the way to share your own music to everyone... EDIT: Unfortunately seems to be down and there is no information of the future plans... the musik project

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Musiclibrary based light audioplayer for windows 2K, XP & 2k3 (musikCube 1.0 works fine with Ms Windows 2000 operating system with older or cheaper machines...) | Songbird Media Player

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Upcoming new mozilla based music library player like AamaroK, iTunes and musikCube...

Nightwish - VideoBLOG

"Nightwish has opened videoblog and now you can watch Nightwish´s life during their summer.."


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"One of the most popular viewers worldwide" Ja sen lisäksi IrfanView on paras kevyt kuvankäsittely softa..

Elizabeth's Classic Movie Homepage

Erittäin laaja klassikkoelokuva saitti...

[] ...Kattava, laaja ja paras CBM64 peleihin keskittynyt sivusto...

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