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Bringing Mixed Reality to the Web - The Mozilla Blog

by srcmax
For instance, there is no way today to create a single web page that can be viewed by all these device types: VR devices Desktop AR devices like the Meta 2 Mobile devices that use iOS ARKit or Android ARCore Standalone AR headsets like Microsoft Hololens and ODG R9 smartglasses The Mixed Reality program aims to change that. We plan to work on the full continuum of specifications, browser implementations, and services required to create open VR and AR web experiences.

What can I do for Mozilla ? - Le blog de Genma

by NiMe
Ça vous dirait de filer un coup de main à la fondation Mozilla ?


Mozilla to Ship TLS 1.3 in Firefox 52

by alamat (via)
Mozilla plans to implement the next version of the TLS specification in an upcoming release of its Mozilla browser. TLS 1.3 will be shipped in Firefox 52, which is scheduled for release in March 2017.


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