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Restaurante Vintage Burger - Ipiranga delivery Sao paulo | Peça iFood

by tadeufilippini
Vintage Burger - Ipiranga Avaliação 4,4 Lanches • $$$ -- km • -- min A Vintage Burger foi criada com o objetivo de resgatar o verdeiro hambúrguer americano. Carne de Angus selecionada e com certificação de origem. Os pães utilizados nos hambúrgueres são produzidos com exclusividade por Rogério Shimura Panificação.





by verane
14-year-old Laura Dekker sets out on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone

Sri | Sri

by sbrothier
Sri is a by-appointment textile gallery specializing in antique Japanese folk textiles, highlighting the indigo dyed cotton fabrics and boro--or patched and mended--textiles of old Japan.

VC&G | 50 Vintage Web Ad Banners

by sbrothier
While browsing through my file archives some years ago, I ran across a few folders of locally cached web pages. Browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer saved these files in order to speed up load times upon future visits to the same sites. Browsers today do the same thing, but the functionality was far more vital in the days of sluggish dial-up modem connections.

Urban Remains Chicago | reclaimed and recycled american antique architectural artifacts and other oddities

by sbrothier
our vast website collection contains over 20,000 meticulously documented and photographed recovered and/or found artifacts found throughout the united states. new acquisitions are added daily to their respective categories found on the homepage. urban remains does not deal in new or reproduction building artifacts.

Stunning Animated GIFs Colorize Vintage Black and White Photos - My Modern Met

by sbrothier
Photographs are a link to the past, and with advances in technology, we’re able to colorize what was once only in black and white. The Dutch website NSMBL recently shared a collection of images that show the “before” and “after” of digital colorization. That alone is interesting, but better yet, the process is revealed in the form of animated GIFs. Vintage monochromatic photos come alive with hues right before our eyes


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