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01 September 2005 12:00

mini bazaar catalog 04

by ryanne
[wednesday, 15 december 2004] DGS mini bazaar catalogue 2004 is out!!! so here it comes again! time really flies...the last time i visited dgs was exactly a year ago, i still remember how i escaped from hku leaving mr. lam keith in the law lib working on

31 August 2005 18:00


by ryanne
[wednesday, 02 march 2005] BEST WISHES TO ALL DIOCESAN MUSICIANS & ATHLETES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 雖然離開拔萃已經一年有餘, 我的心仍然緊緊與母校繫在一起!!!! 出乎其類.拔乎其萃 三月,是屬於您們的! 並嚴正抗議 SMSA

smc heats

by ryanne
[thursday, 03 march 2005] SMC TOMORROW fingers crossed*

mu fest recordings

by ryanne
[monday, 07 march 2005] playlist updated with recordings of music festival 2005! click the ZAP button on your left and enjoy :) *nostalgia* 01. DGS - Can You Hear (by James Papoulis) 02. DGS - Alleluia (by Randall Thompson) 02. DGS - Alleluia (


by ryanne
[thursday, 17 march 2005] 今 天 的 收 穫 真 豐 富 : 1. new look!! XD 2. Secret Garden's newest release - earthsongs!!! 3. and a ticket to the CHOIR FINALS!!!!!!


by ryanne
[friday, 18 march 2005] DBGS DID IT. BEST BOYS CHOIR (DBS) BEST GIRLS CHOIR (DGS) BEST MIXED CHOIR (DBS + DGS) MOST OUTSTANDING SECONDARY CHOIR (DBS) 今年今日.三奪冠軍 音樂王國.唯我拔萃 !!!!!!!!! 最要感謝: Case

31 August 2005 05:00

恭 喜 媽 媽 / DGS musical / DBS homecoming

by ryanne
[monday, 23 may 2005] 恭 喜 媽 媽 ! ! ! ! :) :) :) - 有 邊 個 會 去 聽 DGS 145th Anniversary's Musical??? - 有 無 人 知 Homecoming Concert 幾 月 幾 號 ???

boardgaming + dgs visit + lkj's email

by ryanne
[tuesday, 31 may 2005] yesterday: almost ten hours non-stop boardgaming with kirk, kris, kitty, ava and yorkie...XDDD....from ticket to ride europe 2005 to carcassonne to bohnanza to san juan...jung yau contract bridge......haha so bin visi

coping with stress

by ryanne
[monday, 06 june 2005] my ways of coping with short-term stress: - play with my cat (you guessed it) XDDD - read my little bro's blog - read m______'s xanga (thou shalt not be named...hahahha) - meet up with some long-lost friends :) - revisit DG -

31 August 2005 04:00

拔萃 Homecoming Concert 2005

by ryanne
[monday, 04 july 2005] home·com·ing (noun) 'hOm-"k&-mi[ng] 1 : a return home (回家的日子!) 2 : the return of a group of people usually on a special occasion to a place formerly frequented or regarded as home :) i must thank: ticon & his family fo

the dgs girl

by ryanne
[saturday, 09 july 2005] do you believe me when i say i don't care about getting trainee contracts or not? is it a problem if all i look forward to is yet another diocesan production? or a trio from finland that nobody ever heard of? do i sound boastful i

31 August 2005 03:00

Ain'a That Good News?

by ryanne
[saturday, 06 august 2005] warmest congrats to the LORD of d'OCEAN!!! :) :) (if you haven't heard, his majesty's getting married in late december.) now ain'a that good news?

dgs gift box

by ryanne
[tuesday, 30 august 2005] for cara, a friend i owe a lot to...

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