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The Ford Motor Co. Stole My Life: Surf Mom Speaks....

by GorillaSushi
At first I considered suing Ford over this obvious pilferage of my life story for their commercial. But then I got to thinking about it and I realized the only lawyers I know are bloggers...


The Wink

by mama2bna
Little bit of family, little bit of life, whole lot of truth, humor and opinion from a mom of two, wife of one and misplacer of everything. — Connecting, Learning, Sharing.

by jackiege & 2 others
via eHUb.Online social networking space for mothers to leverage the collective wisdom of aggregated information-sharing.

OpenQueue - Home Page

by nhoizey & 1 other
OpenQueue is an open protocol for publish-and-subscribe message queuing. This enables language-independent, loosely-coupled, asynchronous communications between applications running on different machines.

Lil' Duck Duck

by Mamaduck
The adventures of a toddler and his mama.

Study shows mothers deserve huge salary

by kramkoob
A full-time stay-at-home mother would earn $134,121 (€105,304/£72,126) a year if paid for all her work.


we are but dolls....bursting with life

by ryanne
[sunday, 08 may 2005] we are but tiny dolls bursting with life... "It's not we who come into the world, but the world that comes to us. To be born is the same as to be given the whole world as a gift." ~ Jostein Gaarder to the one who gave me birth -- hap

恭 喜 媽 媽 / DGS musical / DBS homecoming

by ryanne
[monday, 23 may 2005] 恭 喜 媽 媽 ! ! ! ! :) :) :) - 有 邊 個 會 去 聽 DGS 145th Anniversary's Musical??? - 有 無 人 知 Homecoming Concert 幾 月 幾 號 ???

放 開 點

by ryanne
[monday, 06 june 2005] 媽 媽 說 ,他 要 我 等 這 麼 久 ,我 應 該 放 開 點 。我 想 , 所 謂 的 與 風 , 就 是 這 個 意 思 吧 . . . . . .

Grand Central Station Main Concourse

by Appamatix
Very good discussion forum, it'll take you back and at the same time move you forward...go there!

Lewie and Grand Mom

by lewismoten
This is a picture of me and my grandmother on thanks giving day. She is the greatest.

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