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Ship Supply Turkey

by sittaro
Turkey's strategic location, bridging the East and West and being a pivotal point on maritime routes, means that AVS's services in Turkey are in perfect harmony with the quality and scope of services offered globally. Our clients can benefit from AVS's extensive range of services and strong supply chain at any port in Turkey, just as they would anywhere in the world.


NSFW - Définition nsfw

by Dictionnaire
Définition du sigle NSFW - Not Safe For Work

Le portail de la chaise de bureau

by France (via)
Tout ce qu'il faut savoir pour choisir la bonne chaise de bureau !





I quit the tech industry / fuzzy notepad

by François Hodierne

I just don’t care about Yelp’s problems, any more than I care about Uber’s problems or Yo’s problems or anyone else’s problems. They’re interesting for a while, but they’re also the same self-inflicted wounds everyone seems to deal with — why is this slow? why is this broken? how can we keep this old code limping along indefinitely without having to rewrite it? how does this thing a former employee wrote even work? They’re cute puzzles, and I can get into solving them for a while, but I don’t care about them. Because they aren’t my problems; they were just dumped in my lap, along with a canvas sack with a dollar sign on it. 💰


east elmhurst a go go

by redhotrabbit
It's a personal blog. I talk about all about friends & relatives in New York & Pa.

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