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Use Appcelerator Titanium to build mobile apps for iPhone & Android and desktop apps for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux from Web technologies

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Titanium provides native performance, native UI & native capabilities, with over 1,000 APIs and growing. If you can dream it, you can build it



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iProcessing is an open programming framework to help people develop native iPhone applications using the Processing language. It is an integration of the Processing.js library and a Javascript application framework for iPhone. The iProcessing download consists of a set of example XCode projects that demonstrate many of the Basic Examples from the Processing web site (originally written by Casey Reas and Ben Fry unless otherwise stated) as well a number that demonstrate the use of various iPhone features such as multitouch, accelerometer, orientation, location, sound play/record, app state saving and so on. It is in development and is currently used by Luckybite and other designers and students for prototyping


i.document » Blog Archive » TwittARound

This is a video of the first beta version of TwittARound - an augmented reality Twitter viewer on the iPhone 3GS. It shows live tweets around your location on the horizon. Because of video see-through effect you see where the tweet comes from and how far it is away.


Poolga. iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers for the rest of us.

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iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers from a selection of designers and illustrators from around the world.

start [Jiggy]

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art writing applications

iphone-feeds - Google Code

Feeds is a native news reader for the iPhone based on the Google Reader API. It can be downloaded using or Cydia from the repository.


iui - Google Code

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User Interface (UI) Library for Safari development on iPhone

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