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MAPA : guide Etd 2014

by ChriMi
Kit de survie pour élaborer un marché d'études ou de conseils

davidsonfellipe/awesome-wpo · GitHub

by srcmax & 1 other
A curated list of Web Performance Optimization.

Documentation Engine for Rails

by Spone
I wrote a Rails engine which provides applications with complete documentation library functionality by simplying adding a gem. Documentation is a Rails engine which provides a complete system for managing a set of hierarchical documentation. Once installed in an application, you'll have a complete user interface for viewing as well as editing a set of markdown pages.

September 2014

Introducing Praxis

by Spone
Build APIs the way you always wanted.

August 2014

Open Source Security: Denial of Service attacks on Apache CXF

by night.kame

CXF uses Woodstox by default as the StAX XML Processor.

Beauté de l'Open Source, une configuration documentée uniquement sur un article dans un blog, quelque part sur internet, et nulle part dans la documentation immédiate évidemment.

July 2014

Consultations d’Aménageurs – Episode 2 : la consultation sur charges foncières | Liaisons Urbaines

by ChriMi
série d'articles sur les concessions d'aménagement : aspects juridiques, simulation économiques, consultation et analyse des offres,etc.

June 2014


by ChriMi & 2 others (via)
Bibliothèque Musicale Petrucci : distribuer la musique du domaine public du monde.

April 2014

Basic tutorial 10: GStreamer tools - GStreamer SDK documentation - GStreamer SDK documentation

by sylvainulg (via)
Elements can be named using the name property, in this way complex pipelines involving branches can be created. Names allow linking to elements created previously in the description, and are indispensable to use elements with multiple output pads, like demuxers or tees, for example. Named elements are referred to using their name followed by a dot. --- Instead of letting GStreamer choose which Pad to use when linking two elements, you may want to specify the Pads directly. You can do this by adding a dot plus the Pad name after the name of the element

March 2014

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