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20-IMSA GTP 1986 Riverside Raceway Photo Gallery by Honda at

by rax262 (via)
All photos taken with my Pentax. To see the full size image click on ORIGINAL below each photo. The IMSA GTP cars were my favorite racing cars and Road Courses are my favorite tracks. So I had a great time at the GTP race at the terrific Riverside International Speedway in 1986. There was a senseless and horrific accident at Turn One in the middle of the race caused by #$%&! Doc Bundy. I never thought much of Bundy as a racer and this accident that HE caused made me an anti Bundy fan for life.


Jason Andrew Bentley: Riverside, CA

by jasonbentley
I am a born-again Christian, a 4th year Chemical Engineering major at UCR; I work as a tutor for high school math and science, and I love to play the drums! Check out my band's MySpace Music page at: HESPERIAN DEATHHORSE I am interested in working with bi


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