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August 2010

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account - wikiHow

Facebook makes it pretty easy to deactivate your account which will temporarily hide your information. However, if you want to permanently remove your information, the "permanent delete" option is much harder to find. This article will cover two easy ways to erase your Facebook account so you can Quit Facebook forever.

June 2010

May 2010

24 HOURS IN 19500 FRAMES on Vimeo

Fantastic #Nürburgring24 2010 compilation. 24 Hours, 19500 frames.

Lost and passengers on Vimeo

Comparison of the movie Passengers to tv show Lost.

March 2010

February 2010

West Texas Region SCCA - Car setup guide

Effect of Suspension Changes Before making changes to suspension components and settings, it is good to know how the changes will effect performance and ride. The following chart will help give you a general idea of the effect a specific change will make to handling and ride.

January 2010

December 2009

The Oxford Project

In the storytelling tradition of Studs Terkel and the photographic spirit of Mike Disfarmer, The Oxford Project tells the extraordinary true tale of a seemingly ordinary Midwestern town through the pictures and words of its residents. Equal parts art, American history, cultural anthropology, and human narrative—The Oxford Project is at once personal and universal, surprising and predictable, simple and profound.

August 2009

Blind Search

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BlindSearch, the search engine taste test. Type in a search query above, hit search then vote for the column which you believe best matches your query. The columns are randomised with every query.

Google Search Sandbox

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Try out the latest Google search

Kitchen Garden Seeds

Everything you wanted to know about kitchen garden type topics. Covers shallots, onions, lettuce, etc.

Recent Episodes

Made for the web shows about coastal fishing in North Carolina.

A deal between Microsoft and Yahoo!: Bingoo! | The Economist

The world’s biggest software firm and web portal team up to challenge Google

The collapse in commercial property: Towers of debt | The Economist

Concerns are switching from the residential to the commercial sector

July 2009

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, organic heirloom seeds, open pollinated, a worker owned cooperative

Supplier of heirloom and rare varieties of seeds. Great resource for gardeners in the Southern USA.

NASA - Apollo 11 Conversations Earth Didn't Hear Now Online at Nasa.Gov

As Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins flew on Apollo 11 to a lunar landing in July 1969, the world heard communications between the crew and Mission Control live as they happened. But Earth did not hear the private conversations between Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, although they were recorded aboard the Command Module Columbia and Lunar Module Eagle.

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