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07 September 2006

06 September 2006

05 September 2006

02 September 2006

Jason Bentley: Biochemical Engineer, Musician, Cyclist. Kamah, Texas

by jasonbentley
When I'm not jammin' with the band (or talking about guitars), I'm working my day job at NASA as a biomedical engineer/scientist in the exercise physiology lab finding ways to fight muscle and bone loss astronauts experience in space by using exercise. Ba

Jason Andrew Bentley: Riverside, CA

by jasonbentley
I am a born-again Christian, a 4th year Chemical Engineering major at UCR; I work as a tutor for high school math and science, and I love to play the drums! Check out my band's MySpace Music page at: HESPERIAN DEATHHORSE I am interested in working with bi

01 September 2006

Jason Bentley: DJ in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

by jasonbentley
And I thought I had a rough go of it. This Jason's actually another DJ in the rave/club scene. It funny that he mentions Kevin Saunderson..I got an email from Kevin Saunderson once when he thought I was KCRW's JB.

Jason Bentley: Web Programmer/Blogger, Knoxville, Kentucky, USA

by jasonbentley
I am a 27 year old Senior Software Engineer at the newly formed First American MLS Solutions. I mostly work with C# with lots of JavaScript. I am happily married with three rugrats. I am also vice-president of the Knoxville .NET User's Group.


by jasonbentley
From his bio: Jason Bentley is a singer/ songwriter from central Illinois. His warm baritone voice variantly glides over and under his guitar strummed compositions. The lyrical content often embraces longing for the self and its relationship to the world,

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