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What Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, And SAP Don't Tell Customers

by astrochoupe
The four big software vendors -- Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP -- have hidden motives that customers need to understand, otherwise they might be pushed into buying products and services that don't fit their needs.

SAP Project Training: Professional SAP Training for Project Manager

by personmark, 3 comments
You probably think of becoming one of those hot-shot experts SAP, a SAP consultant, perhaps? Good for you. It wouldn’t be surprising because online SAP project training have three secrets to reveal. With so much already, how can you decide what direction to take and how to begin to be an expert in SAP?Here are three things to consider before you even start thinking about spending money that training super-duper-security level of a job, they recommend you.


Pipeline Software SAP R/3 integration and interface solutions

by rmaltete (via)
SAP connectivity and cross-system integration is our business. Pipeline offers a series of software tools, products and services that make it quicker, easier and more effective for our customers to integrate their non-SAP applications with SAP.


SAP Job Board

by julie (via)
Wow qu'est ce que ça a l'air fun SAP d'un coup...

Décisionnel : SAP met la main sur le spécialiste Business Objects - Actualités -

by kasi77
L'éditeur franco-américain de logiciels d'aide à la décision Business Objects devrait passer sous giron allemand. Le numéro un mondial des progiciels, SAP, a annoncé son acquisition pour un montant de 42 euros par action, valorisant la société à 4,8 milliards d'euros. La transaction devrait être définitivement bouclée d'ici le premier trimestre 2008.


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