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fathers' day

by ryanne
[sunday, 12 june 2005] happy fathers' day! i love you daddy.... it was all unplanned...but during the 2.5 hours we: # met 周杰倫 in new century plaza!!! he's soooo ying.... bumped into Winnie Chiu who's buying a camera!!! she taught me maths but i neve


by ryanne
[wednesday, 03 august 2005] 這天,終於都到臨了。 回想點滴 . . . 我們,亦無憾了。

course selection + hklj meeting + drinks + webradio

by ryanne
[monday, 08 august 2005] finally done! thanks to the help of bonnie (the 揀科 expert), maureen (for telling me about the stupid draft timetable which is helpful but inaccurate), eddy (for the info of UG3a), natalie (for waking me up..haha) and donna (fo

Distance is to love

by ryanne
[tuesday, 09 august 2005] Worth repeating! Distance is to love as wind is to a flame. It extinguishes the weak and ignites the strong. -Author Unknown (more here)


Paris-based label with international and local artists releasing electro hip hop, club hop, circus electronics, us grime, 8 bit. Our catalogue include tracks from Xerak (FR), Léonard de Léonard (FR), Apsci (US), Crunc Tesla(US), Computer Truck(FR), The deBug Tentative (FR), Electroménager(FR), dDamage (FR), Stacs of Stamina (SWE), Food for Animals (US), Scream Club (US), Ecoplan (FR) and more to come. We hold resident parties at Café Chéri(e) and Triptyque in Paris.

Ephéméride - Love Machine

by sunny
Il vous calcule la compatibilité entre Sunny et Audrey :)

W2 a-w-f-i-l

by W2_a-w-f-i-l & 2 others
Cutie and artie photo blog relating about a most personal but general and great thing - love - by a couple in Japan. Updating everything, every moments, everyone caught our eyes. Pleasure to share them with you guys ! :)

Savage Love by Dan Savage

by fireguy
A weekly sex column by Dan Savage

Audio of Lewie

by lewismoten & 1 other
Don't be scared. Just press the play button. My first audio post to the blogger.

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy: Moons and Junes and ferris wheels

by Morgaine
It is what it is. For all the lonely times you may have in the years ahead, know we will be doing everything we can to saturate your life with the comraderie of others. For the times when there will only be your parents on the other side of the dinner table, know that we will do everything in our power to expand your view of your world. No, this wasn't the original plan. But that doesn't mean that the reality will be any less amazing. If ever there was a child who was dreamed of, and then came true - it was you. You are loved, you are enough, we are enough. We are a family.

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy: Fairy Tales, Do Come True

by Morgaine
The people in white coats rubbed you, measured you, and wrapped you cozy in a blanket. Then your dad grabbed you up. I was almost able to register your birth before falling into the black place. Your dad held you militantly at my side. The hovering white coats, eager to finish their protocols, just had to wait until I was stable before your dad consented to leave my side. Because, he was never about to leave yours. Hours later, when I woke up in Recovery, your dad brought you to me again. Finally, we met. I smelled you and touched you and memorized your face. It was primal, instinct, necessary. We imprinted on each other. For a long, long time the three of us rested on that bed together quietly, the way we still do so often, as a family. It was the beginning.


the love of everything

by oqdbpo
The love of everything is the Chicago-based band of Bobby Burg


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