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Perceptual Image Compression at Flickr |

by sbrothier & 1 other
At Flickr our users really care about image quality.  They also care a lot about how responsive our apps are.  Addressing both of these concerns simultaneously is challenging;  higher quality images have larger file sizes and are slower to transfer.   Slow transfers are especially noticeable on mobile devices.   Flickr had historically aimed for high quality at the expense of larger files, but in late 2014 we implemented a method to both maintain image quality and decrease the byte-size of the images we serve to users.   As image appearance is very important to our users,  we performed an extensive user test before rolling this change out.   Here’s how we did it.

Common Tern (Sterna hirundo)

by costel (via)
Common Tern (Sterna hirundo, Chira de balta) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These Pretty City Maps Were Drawn By Our Paths Through Them | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

by sbrothier
It’s no secret that tourists love to snap pictures on the Staten Island ferry. Or that photographers will wander the side streets of east London capturing the latest street art. Everyone knows that Paris’s visitor-friendly arrondissements are flooded with selfie sticks on weekends. Now, a new visualization of more than a decade of Flickr photographs shows exactly what paths photographers make when taking pictures.

Linderhof Castle

by costel (via)
Linderhof Castle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Great White Pelican

by costel (via)
Pelican in the Danube Delta | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


5 secondes pour ajouter un diaporama de Flickr à son Blog ou son Site

by prac53
5 secondes pour ajouter un diaporama de Flickr à son Blog ou son Site. Le code du iframe. Un exemple. Les explications.

Insérer un Diaporama de Flickr sur son Site ou son Blog

by prac53
Insérer un Diaporama de Flickr sur son Site ou son Blog avec un tag iframe. Le code du iframe. Un exemple et quelques liens.

Our Apps | Pixite Apps

by sbrothier
Hi. We’re Pixite®. We make amazing photo apps for iPhones and iPads. You can read our blog or follow us on twitter.

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