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Special Birth Christmas Cards

by eprice
Ideal card for Christmas birth....

Faithful challenge newborn blood test laws

by jasontromm (via)
Parents argue state-mandated screenings violate religious tenants Ray and Louise Spiering wanted to observe a period of silence after their daughter Melynda’s birth, but what they got was an uproar. To the Spierings, Nebraska’s requirement that newborn babies undergo blood screening within 48 hours of birth is an infringement on their religious beliefs and their right to decide what’s best for their four children.

Many Ways To Announce A Birth

by stratman
A count of graphics and designs are available for parents to choose from that might help personalize birth announcements.


Brits reject secularising Christmas

by jasontromm
The vast majority of Britons oppose moves to secularize Christmas, according to a new poll. The survey found that 80% believe celebrating the birth of Christ remains an important part of the festival. The study follows a string of high-profile media reports of apparent attempts to rebrand Christmas on secular lines as a "winter" celebration.

Personal data stolen on 26.5 million vets

by jasontromm
Disks with the personal data of 26.5 million U.S. veterans were stolen from the home of a Veterans Affairs employee, the department announced today. The data included names, dates of birth and social security numbers of all living veterans who have been discharged since 1976. The employee, a data analyst, did not have authorization to take home the data, which was stolen this month. ()() Just proves once again that our government bureacracy has become so large there is absolutely no accountability anymore.

Ohio Court Allows Parents' Lawsuits

by jasontromm (via)
Parents are allowed to sue a doctor if a genetic screening misses a severe or fatal condition that would have caused them to seek an abortion, a divided state Supreme Court ruled Friday. The 4-3 decision limited such lawsuits to costs associated with a pregnancy and the birth of the child, saying such parents could not sue for pain-and-suffering damages or repayment of the costs of raising a disabled child.

Lies Exposed by Photos and Videos

by jasontromm (via)
Supporters of the abortion movement have deceived mankind with bumfuzzling statements that Partial Birth Abortion is a rare occurrence, being performed "less than 500 times a year on only fetuses that are severely deformed." However, as early as November 1995, Ron Fitzsimmons, then executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, admitted on ABC's Nightline that he lied when he asserted the procedure was used rarely and only on fetuses and women whose lives were in danger. At that time, Fitzsimmons estimated 5,000 Partial Birth Abortions were performed annually and "primarily done on healthy women of healthy fetuses."

Abortion stops a bleeding heart

by jasontromm
The Democrats are trying to "reframe" their message to make people think they believe abortion is wrong. I think this is going to be a hard sell if they plan to continue ferociously defending abortion-on-demand right up until the moment the baby's head is through the birth canal.


Ravings of a Corporate Mommy: Fairy Tales, Do Come True

by Morgaine
The people in white coats rubbed you, measured you, and wrapped you cozy in a blanket. Then your dad grabbed you up. I was almost able to register your birth before falling into the black place. Your dad held you militantly at my side. The hovering white coats, eager to finish their protocols, just had to wait until I was stable before your dad consented to leave my side. Because, he was never about to leave yours. Hours later, when I woke up in Recovery, your dad brought you to me again. Finally, we met. I smelled you and touched you and memorized your face. It was primal, instinct, necessary. We imprinted on each other. For a long, long time the three of us rested on that bed together quietly, the way we still do so often, as a family. It was the beginning.


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