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Introducing Operator, a Microformat Detection Extension for Firefox 2____Mozilla Labs - 2006

by decembre & 7 others, 2 comments
Operator demonstrates the usefulness of semantic information on the Web, in real world scenarios.Here are some examples of things you can do with this release of Operator, and with the Web as it exists today : Yahoo! Local and Your Address Book. With Operator you can send the phone number of your favorite pizza place from Yahoo! Local to your address book, without having to type anything..... Operator requires information on the Web to be encoded using microformats, and since this method for semantically encoding information is relatively new, not all sites are using microformats yet. However, Operator works great with any blog that uses rel-tag, and the sites Yahoo! Local, Flickr, and, all of which contain millions of pieces of information expressed using microformats. As more sites begin to semantically encode data with microformats, Operator will automatically work with them as well.


Semble ralentir la navigation (passage entre onglets). Dommage, à revoir...

tehu said at 13:00 the 17/12/2006

Pas encore constaté chez moi avec ff windows et une quinzaine d'onglets ouverts en même temps. mais ça pourrait venir...

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