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Freebox - DevDays - SDK Qt + fbx

SDK Qt + fbx: Qml est un langage. Il permet de mélanger une scène déclarative (penser HTML) et du Javascript pour réaliser l'interactivité. QtQuick est la bibliothèque standard fournie par Qt avec ce langage (objets visuels, images, timers, etc.). QtQuick fournit une interface avec le monde extérieur à travers l'API XMLHttpRequest. Qt est une bibliothèque pour développer des applications graphiques portables. QtDeclarative est la partie de Qt qui fournit le support de QML et QtQuick. Freebox ajoute une bibliothèque fbx


TYPO - online tool - Typonerd

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Correcteur typographique est basé sur PHP Typography de KING­desk, ainsi que PHP Markdown développé par Michel Fortin. Cet outil a été joyeusement imaginé et designé par Julien Dubedout et allègrement développé par Guillaume Thomas, le tout sous l’égide de Roxane, agence de social media.

17 September 2014

LOG - PC Decrapifier Wipes Unwanted Junk | The PC Decrapifier

utilitaire de désinstallation très pratique qui vous permet de débarrasser votre ordinateur des programmes obsolètes ou intégrés d'office lors de l'achat d'un nouvel ordinateur, en quelques clics. En effet, il vous suffit de désigner les applications à désinstaller, dans la liste générée, et de lancer le processus. Pour davantage de sécurité, PC Decrapifier propose de créer un point de restauration .

03 September 2014

DEV - Firefox 32.0 - Page Inspector - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN

Use the Inspector to examine and modify the structure and layout of a page. There are two main ways to open the Inspector: - without an element selected: choose the "Inspector" option from the "Web Developer" menu or the equivalent keyboard shortcut - with an element selected: right-click an element on a web page and select "Inspect Element"

CSS3 - box-decoration-break - CSS - New in Firefox 32.0 - MDN

Specifies how the background, padding, border, border-image, box-shadow, margin and clip of an element is applied when the box for the element is fragmented. Fragmentation occurs when an inline box wraps onto multiple lines, or when a block spans more than one column inside a column layout container, or spans a page break when printed. Each piece of the rendering for the element is called a fragment.Syntax Formal syntax: slice | clone --- box-decoration-break: slice; box-decoration-break: clone; box-decoration-break: initial; box-decoration-break: inherit; box-decoration-break: unset;

22 August 2014

Popup Video

Popup Video Popup online video out of the webpage

GM - DEV - Greasemonkey Tutorial for Beginners

In Greasemonkey tutorial, I have covered how to write Greasemonkey user scripts. After this tutorial,you will be able to write user-scripts for Greasemonkey. Topics covered: GreaseMonkey Installation Hello World Example Adding a Button Reading/Modifying HTML content Loading External Scripts.

PIN IT - Pinterest - Javascript Controlled Pin Button for Images and Videos

Pinterest has a great tool for manually creating the widgets but it was a bit unclear on how to do it programatically, and how to do it for video.

PIN BUTTON - Pinning a Web Page without the Pinterest Pin It Button - For Dummies

Copy the URL of the page where the image appears. You do this by going to the page where the image is located. In your browser’s address bar, click and highlight the entire URL. Then copy that address. Navigate to and log in. Click the Add+ button at the top-right corner of the screen. The Add dialog box appears. Click the Add a Pin button. The Add a Pin dialog box appears.

PIN BUTTON - Pinterest Pin It button on image hover

Pinning an image just got easier and more intuitive with this hover button. First you decide which photo to pin, then hover it to invoke the pin it button, and finally click on the button that appears on the image.

PIN - Pinterest - WordPress › jQuery Pin It Button For Images « WordPress Plugins

If you're looking for an easy way to pin images in your blog posts and pages, this plugin will help you with that. It highlights images and adds a "Pin it" button over them once the user hovers his mouse over an image. Once the user clicks the "Pin it" button, the plugin shows a pop-up window with the image and a description. Everything is ready for pinning, although the user can alter the description

19 August 2014

VIDEO INSTALLATION - Light Barrier, 2014 - 3D Projection - on Vimeo

Kimchi and Chips create phantoms of light in the air, crossing millions of calibrated beams with their work . The light installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space as they do through time.

CSS ICONS - Glyphicons - Components · Bootstrap

Glyphicons - Available glyphs - Includes 200 glyphs in font format from the Glyphicon Halflings set. Glyphicons Halflings are normally not available for free, but their creator has made them available for Bootstrap free of cost. As a thank you, we only ask that you include a link back to Glyphicons whenever possible.

CSS SPRITE - creaTTor - Set

creaTTor is the fastest way to find free assets for your design projects. We provide thousands of templates, vectors & other great resources

VIDEO SITES - List of video hosting services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Video hosting services refers to websites or software where users can distribute their video clips. Other sites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general, they are not listed here.

13 August 2014

ONLINE TOOL - Flip Title

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Online tool help to write text upside down, Upside down text generator to create flip text! Anything you write will become flipped upside down, very easy to use. Good for names, blogs, MySpace, etc.

CSS ICON - ✿ Our favorite set —

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What is A web and iPhone application for copying the ‘hidden’ characters that comes with the computer’s typefaces, to be pasted into emails, tweets, text documents, forums and whatever else you might need to spice up with an extra ♔, ฿ or, ❒.

CSS - ARROW - Using borders to produce angled shapes

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Bon tuto (In US) pour créer des flèches avec les borders

CSS ICON - One div - Icons in pure css - The single element HTML/CSS icon database

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All icons displayed on the website are realised in pure css with only one html div. The challenge is also to provide an alternative to SVG. Indeed icons allow precise borders preserved even resized (As vector format). Then we can see a clear interest in responsive design.

12 August 2014

FIR XPI - DEV - Force CORS Firefox Extension

a very simple extension for Firefox that adds the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Access-Control- HTTP headers to all responses before they're processed by the browser. This essentially disables the browser's same origin policy and allows cross domain calls even if the web server does not support CORS. The default setting adds the following headers to every response:

06 August 2014

FIR - Profile folder - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Firefox stores a user's personal information such as bookmarks, extensions, and user preferences in a unique profile. The first time you start Firefox, it will automatically create a default profile; additional profiles can be created using the Profile Manager. The settings which form a profile are stored in files within a special folder on your computer — this is the profile folder.

FIR - Réinitialiser Firefox – corriger facilement la plupart des problèmes | Assistance de Firefox

Tous vos paramètres Firefox et informations personnelles sont conservées dans un dossier de profil. La fonctionnalité de réinitialisation fonctionne en créant un nouveau dossier de profil pour vous, tout en conservant vos données essentielles. Firefox sauvegardera ces éléments : vos marques-pages votre historique de navigation vos mots de passes vos cookies vos informations auto-complétées de formulaires web.

03 August 2014

MUSIC - 10 Virtual Instruments You Can Play In Your Web Browser

If you’re a musician, you probably know how annoying it can be to be away from your instrument(s). At times when you can’t have your instrument with you but you feel like you need to belt out a tune or two, perhaps you can seek solace in browser-based virtual instruments. If you ever feel the need to scratch that musical itch, you could do worse than play around with any one of these 10 virtual instruments.

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