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IMAGE - FORMAT - LAB - Imgur met au point "GIFV", un format qui ambitionne de renvoyer dans les tiroirs le GIF animé

Imgur met au point "GIFV"_Un format qui ambitionne de renvoyer dans les tiroirs le GIF animé

IMAGE - FORMAT - LAB - BPG Image format | Hacker News

In Hacker News: the forum about BPG Image format ( BGP : Better Portable Graphics __ Créé par Fabrice Bellard_ Remplace le .JPEG_ Jusqu’à 50% plus petit en espace disque pour la même qualité_ 14bits de couleurs par canal comparativement à 8bits pour JPEG

TIP - DEV - Badass JavaScript (Tumblr)

by 3 others
A showcase of awesome JavaScript that pushes the boundaries of what's possible on the web, by @devongovett.

IMAGE - New Format - BPG/JPEG comparison on the Lena picture

BPG/JPEG comparison on the Lena picture [The BPG images are decoded in your browser with a small Javascript decoder. The JPEG images were compressed with mozjpeg + jpegcrush.]

24 January 2015

READY2SEARCH - Exemples - Recherche Bibliothèque de l'Université OPAC

Ready2Search makes search plug-in for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Google Toolbar. HERE : examples in en japonais

DEV - SEARCH CODE - Open Search | Krugle

Taking software development to the next level of productivity.

22 January 2015

JAVASCRIPT - DEMO - Maximum Characters for Text and Textarea Form Fields

Enforcing a maximum character length for text and textarea form fields is fairly easy to do.

SCRIPT - Floating Layer At Cursor Position

This post shows how to implement layers that will display content over existing content just below and to the right of the cursor position

GM - greasemonkey - Changing Javascript on an HTML page out of my control - Stack Overflow

use Greasemonkey to modify the script or to insert another script just after it to override the function

USERSCRIPT - @document-start Example: hijack page scripts for Greasemonkey

The implement of @run-at document-start greatly extent what userscript capable range. This snippet is one of the example show how to interfere the original script before they run, instead of stay away until the DOM is ready ( DOMContentloaded event fired ).

GM - firefox - How to alter this javascript with Greasemonkey? - Stack Overflow

On Firefox Greasemonkey, you can do that with the stupefyingly brilliant (^_^) checkForBadJavascripts utility

20 January 2015

FIR - PRIVACY - How to block automatic connections that Firefox makes - gHacks Tech News

Mozilla has created a support page that lists all the connections that Firefox make without explicit permission of the user. As you can see, quite a few are listed there. While some are enabled after user activity, for instance adding live bookmarks to the browser, others are enabled by default. This guide looks at the latter kind, explains what their use is, and how you can disable them if you do not require them.

CHROME - ADDON - OCR - Project Naptha

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Project Naptha automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience, where you can highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within an image.

19 January 2015

18 January 2015

PRIVACY TOOL - — Web Browser Security Checklist for Identity Theft Protection

It's all about Web Browser Fingerprinting. Here you will find the gallery of web browser security testing tools, that tell you what exactly personal identity data may be leaked without any permissions when you surf the Internet.

17 January 2015

WIN HOST - Dev version of popular blocker extension µBlock for Firefox released - gHacks Tech News

Maybe I'm overlooking something but I don't understand why people are using ad-blockers that run in their browsers ... In most operating systems there already exists an effective and resource-efficient way to filter network traffic by diverting specific IPs or URLs to the localhost. Using the hosts file, which exists in the BSDs, in Linux, in Windows etc., to filter out undesirable or dangerous stuff is in my opinion a much more universal and elegant method than browser based ad-blockers. I've been using this method since ages, first in Windows and now since almost 15 years in Linux, and I have never experienced any slow-downs or hang-ups. The hosts file I'm using is the 'classic' from ... ... which currently contains over 15000 entries, is well maintained and updated each 4-6 weeks. I've written a short script which on boot-up looks if a new hosts file is available, and if it is, downloads and copies the file into the /etc directory. Cool! :-)

14 January 2015

TOOL - JabRef - Custom export filters

Custom export filters __ JabRef allows you to define and use your own export filters, in the same way as the standard export filters are defined. An export filter is defined by one or more layout files, which with the help of a collection of built-in formatter routines specify the format of the exported files. Your layout files must be prepared in a text editor outside of JabRef

FIR ADDON - Bookmarks - BibSonomy :: buttons

Add three useful BibSonomy control buttons to your browser by installing this add-on: __ with one click to BibSonomy __ store a publication __ store a bookmark

13 January 2015



USERSCRIPT - Cursor Mod | Scripts | OpenUserJS

Change the mouse cursor when it hovers over a link that opens in a new tab/window or a Javascript link. If you don't like the cursor, you can change it in the script. The available selection can be found here. TODO: Are custom cursors possible?

CUSTOM BUTTON - Userstyles - Help! Is it possible to enable/disable a single script via keyboard shortcuts? -

Toogle Style Lite: Requires Custom Buttons extension: Middle-click button for settings dialog to enter the ID# of the style to be toggled and other various options, including setting-up a keyboard shortcut (hotkey). Left-click button to toggle on/off style. Style Toggler: Generates a list of all/selected styles with various options.

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