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CSS - ANIMATION - iHover Hover Effects powered by pure CSS3

iHover is an impressive hover effects collection, powered by pure CSS3, no dependency, work well with Bootstrap 3!

CSS - ONLINE Tool - Bounce.js

Bounce.js is a tool and JS library that lets you create beautiful CSS3 powered animations.

RegExp - Regular Expressions for the Rest of Us

How to Write Regular Expressions ? ___The best way to learn regular expressions is by using an example. Let's say you're building a web page with a phone number input.

REGEXP - regexp-based address validation - Mail::RFC822::Address

Mail::RFC822::Address is a Perl module to validate email addresses according to the RFC 822 grammar. It provides the same functionality as RFC::RFC822::Address, but uses Perl regular expressions rather that the Parse::RecDescent parser. This means that the module is much faster to load as it does not need to compile the grammar on startup. Download Mail::RFC822::Address-0.4.tar.gz or read the documentation. If you want to test the behaviour of the module, an online version is available. The grammar described in RFC 822 is surprisingly complex. Implementing validation with regular expressions somewhat pushes the limits of what it is sensible to do with regular expressions, although Perl copes well. The regular expression below shows the complexity, although its inclusion on this page has caused some confusion:

24 April 2015

CINE - Mocky - Allez moteur ! - YouTube

Extrait de Strip-Tease - un parapluie à Cherbourg: MOOOOTEUUUURRRR!

22 April 2015

FLICKR HACK - OLD DESIGN (update avr 2015) - FlickrHackr - elmofoto

Update: April 5, 2014 (added new and improved user agent string) 888 In the User Agent field, copy and paste the following exactly: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0) Opera 12.14 How to Suppress the March 2014 Flickr Photo Page Redesign in Chrome & Firefox Browsers to Make Text Readable Once Again

FLICKT - mars 2015 - Introducing the New! Shiny ! Photolist framework -

Some photolist pages on Flickr use infinite scrolling, and some display results one page at a time. Regardless of how a page shows its photos, it starts to feel messy when there is an incomplete row of photos hanging off the end of the page. If there is more content in the set, the last row should be full. However, since we fetch photos from the API in fixed batch sizes, things don’t always work out so nicely, leaving “leftovers” in the bottom row. Borrowing from typesetting terminology, we call these leftover photos orphans. (We can also paginate backwards; leftovers at the top are technically widows but we’ll just keep using the term orphans for simplicity.)

21 April 2015

SVG - Using SVG (witth Online TOOLS) | CSS-Tricks

Why use SVG at all?: Small file sizes that compress well__ Scales to any size without losing clarity (except very tiny)__ Looks great on retina displays__ Design control like interactivity and filters__

CSS - ICON - conmelon - free SVG icon sets

by 1 other (via)
a free and open project called Iconmelon which aims to collect free SVG icon sets and provide a filter and CSS boilerplate.

JavaScript Arrays

Un tableau contient une collection de données en une seule variable. Tableaux JavaScript peuvent contenir des données de tout type : chaînes, des nombres , des booléens , des objets , fonctions et autres tableaux. Les éléments de données dans un tableau sont appelées éléments. Chaque élément a un indice qui commence à zéro . [ 1 ] Les indices de tableau sont utilisés pour accéder à des éléments et créer de nouveaux éléments comme le montre

19 April 2015

17 April 2015

ANTi PUBS - µBlock, une alternative sérieuse à AdBlock ? | Kaio

extension uBlock dont le but est de bloquer les publicités sur le web un peu à la manière d’AdBlock mais j’entends dire lis que uBlock, c’est mieux qu’AdBlock parce que ça consomme moins de mémoire.

14 April 2015

LOG - Prospéro - (PROgramme de Sociologie Pragmatique, Expérimentale et Réflexive sur Ordinateur )

Prospéro (PROgramme de Sociologie Pragmatique, Expérimentale et Réflexive sur Ordinateur - © Doxa) est un logiciel d'analyse de données textuelles proposant une technologie littéraire pour les sciences humaines.

04 April 2015


Q: I'm worried by the fact some sites require the domain to be whitelisted. I'd prefer not to allow it everywhere, but only on some parent sites I trust. How can I do it? __ A: You can use ABE to this effect, by adding the following rule to your NoScript Options|Advanced|ABE USER ruleset: Site __ Accept INCLUSION from SELF++ ___ Accept INCLUSION from ____ Deny ___ Notice the leading dot "." before domains, which is syntactic sugar for *, i.e. a domain and its subdomains. ____ It should also be noted that, independently from this rule, external scripts are never loaded from pages which don't belong to a whitelisted site, hence no malicious website you didn't explicitly whitelisted could execute scripts from anyway. ___

DEV - TEST tool - - Quick and simple image placeholders

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Welcome to A quick and simple image placeholder service. How does it work? Just put your image size after our URL and you'll get a placeholder.

02 April 2015

JQUERY - Javasript - Apprendre - Insérer et remplacer des éléments dans le DOM

Nous allons ici nous intéresser à une autre facette de jQuery : la modification du DOM. Les méthodes qui vont être examinées permettent d'insérer, de remplacer et de supprimer des éléments quelconques dans le DOM, et ainsi de modifier le contenu de la page affichée dans le navigateur.

28 March 2015

jQuery - Infinite Scroll - Query One Page Navigation Plugin | Trevor Davis | Front-End Developer @ Viget

When appropriate, I am a fan of the one-page sites. I really like the ones that add smooth scrolling and highlight the navigation depending upon which part of the page you have scrolled to.

27 March 2015

FIR - Addon - ResumeLater - Video Youtube

resumeLater lets you bookmark videos on Youtube and saves your current position. It allows you to resume playback at that position.

25 March 2015

L'adresse mémoire ne peut pas être 'Read' ou 'Written'

L'adresse mémoire ne peut pas être 'Read' ou 'Written'

24 March 2015

20 March 2015

INFINITE SCROLL - jquery - Reset / disable infinite scroll after AJAX call - Stack Overflow

I am using infinite-ajax-scroll ( plugin with filtering. I have the filters working with the infinite scroll but my issue is, whenever the scroll get the the end of the results for one filter it will no longer scroll, even after another filter is selected. I therefore need to reset the infinate scroll when the filter is selected but I cannot find anywhere in the documentation on how to reset this and am not great with JQuery and so cannot figure this out.

INFINITE SCROLLING - To Infinite Scroll or Not to Infinite Scroll: Where We’ve Come So Far | Design Shack

In fact, infinite scrolling was removed from the site after the number of clicks on favorites decreased and the search function was not used anymore.

11 March 2015

jsunpack - a generic JavaScript unpacker

The Extracted URLs lists, (2 files) for instance, indicates how many decodings or other files were created when trying to decode JavaScript. If this column shows (1 files) it means that there were no decodings and that a static scanner would be just as effective at detecting content. However, if there are more than one file, a decoding likely occurred, and jsunpack can match against additional content. A malicious URL with only (1 files) is less likely to be malicious because attackers commonly hide their content when delivering exploits or other malicious content. The Extracted URLs displays files grouped by URL, so the originally file that triggered the rule and all of the other files are all connected to another. It is more common that the attacker will try to hide content and create 2 or more decodings. Jsunpack was originally designed to handle complicated cases of decoding where there were 5 stages of decoding, although such cases are rare, generally the more decoding levels (and therefore files), the more likely the attacker is trying to hide something of value. Thanks for using jsunpack!

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