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24 October 2008

Exercises in Modern English Grammar » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

# A Basic English Grammar # How English Works - A Grammar Practice Book (with Answers) # A Basic English Grammar (NEW) # A Communicative Grammar of English, Third Edition # English Advanced Grammar in Use - a Self Study (Cambridge Press)

Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL IBT (NEW) » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

Building Grammar Skills for TOEFL IBT | PDF | Eng | 220 pages | 8.1 MB A complete guide to English Grammar, which covers every part of speech, and is presented with people who are planning to take the iBT TOEFL exam in mind. Over 50 key grammar points which feature: clear, detailed explanations, over 115 exercises, and thousands of questions. Password:

The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test iBt 2007 Edition » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

The instruction and practice in the Complete Guide to the TOEFL iBT closely mirrors the actual test, helping students to master the skills necessary to achieve the best possible score on the TOEFL iBT test and prepare them for success in an academic setting. Written by Bruce Rogers, an internationally recognized authority on English language standardized test preparation. The interactive CD-ROM delivers electronic practice through two complete TOEFL practice tests. Double click on setup.exe, then, to start the program, double-click on the Complete Guide icon


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23 October 2008

How to Prepare for the TOEFL , 11th edition ( CD-ROM) » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

(Barron's How to Prepare for the Toefl Test of English As a Foreign Language) This new 11th edition offers complete and up-to date preparation for the Paper-Based TOEFL and the Computer-Based TOEFL, with a preview of the Next Generation TOEFL test. There is extensive practice-even for students who don't have access to a computer. The manual includes a review chapter for each section of the TOEFL, including the new Speaking Section, and presents nine full-length model tests for the Computer-Based TOEFL, with questions answered and explained, along with one full-length model test for the Next Generation TOEFL and a practice test for the TOEFL Academic Speaking Test (TAST), with example answers. This compact disc-and-book package provides the audio versions for the Listening Comprehension sections of all model tests.

Kaplan TOEFL Listening Practice » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

Kaplan Publishing | English | ISBN: 0743264371 | MP3 DF | 192 kbit | 91 MB This audio CD is an excellent tool for any and everyone getting ready for and aiming at the TOEFL test. It provides both trainers and students working on their own with a wide and extensive range of listening material typically found in the listening section of the TOEFL test. Some of those preparing for international exams such as the TOEFL need extra practice for the listening section and it is not that easy to find supplementary material focusing on that specific aspect. As an experienced trainer in the corporate and academic (international exams) world, I strongly recommend this as very good supplementary material, for TOEFL preparation or even for those interested in improving their listening skills in American English. However, I should say that the reason why I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because it does not come with any scripts or accompanying exercises, which would definitely optimize the recorded material and its results. Therefore, trainers should develop their own activities in order to maximise results.

18 October 2008

Mobile » Software : Java Dictionaries for Mobile (NEW)

Dictionaries: - Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary v2 - Cambridge Dictionary of American English v2 - Concise Oxford English Dictionary v2 - MS Oxford Dictionary of Business v2 - Oxford Dictionary of Idioms v2 - Oxford Dictionary of the Bible v2 - Oxford Guide to British and American Culture v2 - Oxford Medical Dictionary v2 - Oxford Pocket English Dictionary V2 - Plus: English > Farsi - Farsi > English # JAVA Mobile Dictionaries # Pocket Oxford Dictionary for PC 2007 # Concise Oxford English Dictionary v6.1[FULL] # Concise Oxford English Dictionary 11 Edition # Concise Oxford English Dictonary 11 Portable

12 October 2008

Macmillan English Grammar in Context Advanced with Key » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

Macmillan English Grammar In Context, a three-level grammar practice series with a difference. Incorporating contextual examples in grammar practice activities, Macmillan English Grammar In Context is a grammar book that can be used in both the classroom and for self-study

Fluent English Complete Course with Audio CD Pack by Barbara Raifsnider » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

- Author: Barbara Raifsnider - Published by: Living Language - Pages: 223 - File type: PDF, mp3 - Fluent English: Perfect Natural Speech,Sharpen Your Grammer, Master Idiomatic, Speak Fluently ESL (English as a Second Language) students who reach an intermediate level of English don’t need endless drills in grammar or tedious vocabulary lists; they need to learn how to make their English sound natural. Fluent English is the ideal course for developing native-like fluency in English. It focuses on the essentials—idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, practical vocabulary expansion, and grammar usage in context—and builds listening comprehension as well as pronunciation and intonation skills. Students will find numerous opportunities to practice speaking, listening, writing, and reading English. They’ll also learn essential information about living and working in the United States

English Collocations in Use Intermediate » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

A good knowledge of collocations (typical word combinations) is essential for fluent and natural-sounding English. Using collocations will improve your style of written and spoken English, and knowledge of collocations is often tested in examinations such as Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS. Learning correct word combinations will also help you avoid common learner errors. English Collocations in Use presents and practises hundreds of collocations in typical contexts. It is ideal for students at good intermediate level and above.

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