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Cambridge Dictionary Online: Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus - Cambridge University Press - Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press

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Welcome to Cambridge Dictionaries Online! Cambridge University Press publishes a range of dictionaries for learners of English all around the world. You can search our dictionaries using the search box at the top of the page. More than just a dictionary Don’t forget to visit our New Words, which keeps you up to date with those words and meanings that are just starting to be used in English. There’s also About Words, our fascinating blog about how the English language behaves. You can give your opinion on new expressions or blog posts by voting or leaving comments, so get involved!



david nunan - presentations

I have given over two hundred and fifty presentations at national and international conferences. These include plenary addresses at conferences in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. Here are the selected papers from my recent presentations. You can view the PowerPoint presentations by clicking on the titles. Energizing your classes: A learner-centered approach Brazil, July 2005 Developments in Curriculum Evaluation, Renewal and Design - PowerPoint slides ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students Association) Directors of Studies Conference, 13 May, 2005 What makes a good language learner? - PowerPoint slides TESOL Conference, Long Beach, California, USA, 31 March - 3 April, 2004 Nine steps to learner autonomy - PowerPoint slides Plenary speech, Shantou University, China, 13 March, 2004 ELT Curriculum, IT and learner autonomy - PowerPoint slides Featured presentation, KOTESOL Conference, 18-19 October, 2003 Analyze it! - An introduction to systemic-functional linguistics - PowerPoint slides Invited speech, Sophia University, Japan, 10 October, 2003 Strategies for successful listening and reading development TESOL Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 24- 29 March, 2003 Adding value to the ELT curriculum through IT - PowerPoint slides Plenary speech, The 9th TESOL Arabia Conference 2003, Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai, UAE, 12 - 14 March, 2003 Learning styles and strategies in the ESL classroom - PowerPoint slides Plenary speech, Illinois TESOL 29th Annual State Convention, Chicago, 28 February - 1 March, 2003 What is task-based language teaching? - PowerPoint slides Teaching writing - PowerPoint slides Teaching reading - PowerPoint slides Teaching listening in a second language - PowerPoint slides Featured speech, The 4th Pan-Asian conference, Taiwan, November 2002 English as a global language: counting the cost - PowerPoint slides Spotlight presentation, TESOL, Salt Lake City, April 2002 Performance-based approaches to the design of ESL Instruction Plenary presentation, Spain TESOL, Madrid, March 2002

david nunan I am Chair Professor of Applied Linguistics and Director of the English Centre at the University of Hong Kong. Prior to this, I was Director of Research and Development, NCELTR, and Coordinator of Postgraduate Programs in Linguistics at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. I have published over 100 books and articles in the areas of curriculum and materials development, classroom-based research, and discourse analysis. My recent publications include Introducing Discourse Analysis (Penguin Books), The Self-Directed Teacher (Cambridge University Press), Voices from the Language Classroom (with Kathleen M. Bailey) (Cambridge University Press), The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (with R. Carter) (Cambridge University Press) and Pursuing Professional Development: The Self as Source (with K. Bailey and A. Curtis) (Heinle & Heinle). My textbook projects include ATLAS, Go For It, Listen In, Speak Out and Expressions, all published by Heinle & Heinle/Thomson Learning. Go For It has recently been selected and adapted by People’s Education Press as a basal textbook series for middle schools in China. I was President of TESOL 1999-2000.

Infotech 4th edition - Cambridge University Press

Infotech - 4th Edition Remacha Esteras Intermediate Fully updated in line with the latest developments in Information Communications Technology (ICT), this course teaches students the language and skills they need to understand and work in the world of computers. The 30 topic-based units cover everything from computer essentials through to programming, web design, job hunting, and future technologies. A focus on terminology is combined with vocabulary and grammar practice to give students the tools to use English in areas such as describing features and functions, applying for jobs and discussing the world of ICT. With the support of clear explanations, no specialist knowledge of ICT is required, making this course ideal for anyone who needs to understand the English of computing for study or work.

Speaking of Translation Podcast

Episode #1: Intro and American Translators Association Annual Conference October 22, 2008 · 4 Comments In this, our inaugural episode, we introduce ourselves (and you can find out more about us at the above tabs in this blog) as well as establish this podcast as a forum for discussing translation and the business of translation.

The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test iBt 2007 Edition » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

The instruction and practice in the Complete Guide to the TOEFL iBT closely mirrors the actual test, helping students to master the skills necessary to achieve the best possible score on the TOEFL iBT test and prepare them for success in an academic setting. Written by Bruce Rogers, an internationally recognized authority on English language standardized test preparation. The interactive CD-ROM delivers electronic practice through two complete TOEFL practice tests. Double click on setup.exe, then, to start the program, double-click on the Complete Guide icon

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