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Oral English Activities

by anbll
Oral English Activities


Reading Programs Grade 2

by EssentialSkillsAdvantage
Essential Skills Advantage Inc has been providing Online Reading Programs Grade for Kids in the USA and Canada with high-quality educational software. Our Courses include: Phonics Programs , Reading & Language, Science, Geography and English Language Learning.

Develop Apps eBooks and enterprise solutions | Feature Rich Software Development Platform | RunRev

by oseres
LiveCode has revolutionized software development - write code once and deploy to all popular platforms. LiveCode delivers outstanding performance and best value by taking the the complexity out of programming.   LiveCode is an award winning, high performance, programming environment which has been designed with ease of use and productivity in mind. It is a powerful and feature rich, high level development platform with an intuitive graphical user interface and a unique English programming language. It has a fast and easy to use compile free workflow which produces immediate results. Apps developed in LiveCode can be written once and quickly deployed on all popular platforms - mobile, desktop and server.  LiveCode apps include ebooks, games, business automation, entertainment, medical, health, sports, nature etc   If you can imagine it you can build it with LiveCode.



Image: traduction de "ananas" dans diverses langues

by ghis
Image: traduction de "ananas" dans diverses langues. L'anglais est-il si simple que ça ?


Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style

by ghis & 7 others (via)
English grammar. Good place to start is Chapter 5 :

Exercices gratuits pour apprendre l'anglais

by manue
Les Editions Entrefilet proposent chaque mois des exercices pour apprendre l'anglais tirés des articles des magazines sur l'actualité : pour les enfants et adultes de niveau débutant à avancé.


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