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Clean markup plea — Anne’s Weblog

WAI-ARIA is still useful to push the envelope, but the long tail of the Web is just not going to care enough



Microformats and accessibility: the soap opera that never ends

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This proves what leading accessibility experts have been saying all along, that all microformats are inaccessible, and we should all just use RDF


Why Accessibility? Because It's Our Job!

Technology is not like the physical world - technology can take any shape. Technology is our slave, and we can make it do what we want

Ignorance and inspiration

Frankly, keeping websites accessible is one of the easiest ways to help improve the world a little bit every day

The longdesc lottery

Let's talk about the longdesc attribute. In HTML 4, it’s defined as a pointer to a long description for a complex image.

Avoiding Extreme Accessibility

Sometime in your life, did someone ever tell you that moderation is the key?

Référentiel Général d'Accessibilité pour les Administrations

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Ce site présente le RGAA, son mode de mise en oeuvre et les modalités de validation de la conformité. Le RGAA s'appuie sur les standards internationaux en vigueur et propose un mode déploiement progressif visant à faire entrer dans une démarche d'accessibilité le plus grand nombre d'acteurs publics

New Dutch accessibility law

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On 1 September last year the new Dutch law on the quality of government websites went into effect


POMPAGE - Sept erreurs d'accessibilité (1ère partie)

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Ayez une partie du contrat claire et concise qui précise que l'accessibilité du contenu après la livraison du projet initial est de la responsabilité du client.

Skip Link Pros and Cons

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The pros and cons of skip links and how best implement them

Editable Accesskeys

Editable Accesskeys with javascript

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