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Plainview: OS X full-screen web browser

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Plainview is a Mac OS X Cocoa app that uses WebKit


The Shift project was started in May 2008 as a fork of the apparently defunct CocoaMySQL project. Whouhou !


Validator S.A.C. - Stand-Alone W3C HTML Validator Application for Mac OS X

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Validator S.A.C. (Stand Alone Complex) is a stand-alone, easy to install, version of the W3C's HTML / XHTML Markup Validator for Mac OS X

Versions - Mac Subversion Client

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Versions is the first Mac OS X Subversion client that won't make you long for the command line interface anymore. Without over-simplifying the way Subversion is structured, Versions gives a clear overview and all the tools you'll need


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Nocturne is (yet another) simple app for switching a computer to night vision mode

reggy - Google Code

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Reggy is a small OS X cocoa/objective-c application to very quickly visualize what a given regular expression will match given a test string. It will also tell you if you have errors in your regular expression


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Sparkle is a module that developers can stick in their Cocoa applications (five-step install!) to get instant self-update functionality.


Introducing: GammaSlamma 1.0 for OSX

By simply dragging a PNG file onto the GammaSlamma icon, a new version will be created automatically with all that nasty Gamma information removed.

Inquisitor 3 - Spotlight for the web.

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Inquisitor... it's like Spotlight for the web. Oh, and it's free.

Freeverse : Lineform

Lineform is a completely new drawing program. Winner of a 2006 Apple Design Award, it is the ideal tool for vector based diagrams and illustrations. Powerful features combine with a simple interface to create an intuitive artistic process.

beaTunes - build better playlists

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Automatically determine BPM (beats per minute) and store the result in iTunes, inspect and fix your music library


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Generation de graphique


Plugin de menu contextuels visionneur d'image pour MacOS X

Todos - OSX App

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Todos shows you all your applications in a complete dock


Universal Binary version of the CocoaMySQL-SBG

BlueHarvest for OSX

Manage DS_Store, resource forks, Trashes and more


D-Trace est une appli Mac qui permet de récupérer les données renvoyées par trace() lorsque l'application Flash tourne dans un navigateur web

High Priority

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Manage your iCal To Do items anywhere, anytime

Script Debugger 4.0

Script Debugger 4.0 provides everything you need to quickly and easily author AppleScripts that work


Magneto Free !

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Petit soft pour les feenautes sous mac OSX qui veulent enregistrer les émissions freeboxtv

Screen Mimic

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Macromedia Flash (SWF) Descktop recorder for Mac OS X


Graphical Cocoa wrapper for SQLite

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