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ASCII Table - The Pronunciation Guide

ASCII punctuation characters and their various pronunciations


Should I use tables for layout?

Le code source est trop lol :)

Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong

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Mais en fait ça sera toujours vrai au moins quelques années, le temps que IE6 et IE7 deviennent réellement marginaux

Advanced CSS Layouts

Bientôt le support des "CSS tables" dans IE8. Intéressant de garder un oeil là dessus.

Table-Based Layout Is The Next Big Thing

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Pas pour tout de suite mais ça va venir assez vite


Plaid-Striped HTML Tables

A JavaScript class for dynamically striping HTML data tables



Web Usability - Accessible Data Tables

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The table element was introduced with HTML 2.0 in 1994 as a means of presenting data, for example timetables, tabular information about weights, measures, prices etc.

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