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ChikunoCube - Natural Air Purifier Made from Bamboo Charcoal Powder

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Chikuno Cube is an air freshener made from ultra fine powder of bamboo charcoal and clay minerals. Bamboo Charcoal has high capacity of absorbing odors, but the secret to the superior absorption powder of Chikuno Cube is the micro-honeycomb structure that amplifies it's surface area by hundred fold. This 2-inch cube has the surface area equivalent of 4 football fields and works best in a small enclosed space such as refrigerator, closets and cars. It is eco-friendly and can be re-used for up to 1 year by just exposing it to direct sunlight every month for 6 hours. The quality is rooted in Kyoto’s craftsmanship, and it won the Japanese Good Design Award in 2008


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