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July 2014

June 2014

Buy Ritalin Online

by Nicolexx
Ritalin (Methylphenidate) (Mph) is a cure stimulant by and large used to treat Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity issue, or ADHD, and Attention-setback Disarray, or ADD. It is moreover one of the vital pills used to treat the daytime drowsiness indications of narcolepsy and perpetual exhaustion syndrome.

Buy Codeine Online

by Nicolexx
Codeine is an opioid torment pharmaceutical. An opioid is here and there called a sedative. Codeine is used to treat smooth to bearably compelling torment. Codeine may similarly be used for purposes not recorded as a piece of this pharmaceutical associate.

Buy Hydrocodone Online

by Nicolexx
Hydrocodone is an orally animated opiate pain relieving and antitussive. It is regularly accessible in tablet, container, and syrup structure and is frequently incorporated with other pain relieving mixes like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Buy Phentermine Online

by Nicolexx
Phentermine is a Phenethylamine, all the more significantly a subsidiary of amphetamine, principally utilized as a voracity suppressant. It is normally endorsed for people who are at expanded restorative danger as a result of their weight, rather than nonessential weight reduction.

Buy Dilaudid Online

by Nicolexx
Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) is an opioid torment prescription. An opioid is some of the time called an opiate. Dilaudid is utilized to treat moderate to serious pain. Dilaudid might additionally be utilized for purposes not recorded as a part of this solution guide.

Buy Xanax Online

by Nicolexx
Alprazolam influences mind chemicals that may get unbalanced and may cause anxiety. Alprazolam is normally used to ease uneasiness, apprehension, and strain joined with tension issue. It is additionally used to treat frenzy issue.

Buy Oxycodone Online

by Nicolexx
A special property of Oxycontin is that the tablets are time discharged, that is the impacts of the medication and its pain relieving properties produce results over a set time of time as opposed to at the same time. It is like codeine and methadone in its pain relieving (agony murdering) properties.

Buy Valium Online

by Nicolexx
Valium is a Benzodiazepine which affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause anxiety. Valium is used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle spasms. Valium is sometimes used with other medications to treat seizures.

by SadeceSEO
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May 2014

Wim Hof World Record Breaker Trains Others On His Mental Method

by sbrothier
A dilapidated farmhouse in the Polish countryside creaks and groans on its foundation as six men hyperventilate inside one of its frigid rooms. The windows are caked with frost and snow piles up outside the front door. Wim Hof surveys his students with stern blue eyes as he counts their breaths. They are lying in sleeping bags and covered in blankets. Every breath they expel appears as a tiny puff of mist as the heat of their bodies crystallizes in the near-arctic air. When the students are bleached white from exhaustion, Hof commands them to let all the air out of their lungs and hold their breath until their bodies shake and shudder. I exhale all my breath into the frigid air. “Fainting is okay,” he says. “It just means you went deep.”

My No-Soap, No-Shampoo, Bacteria-Rich Hygiene Experiment -

by sbrothier
For most of my life, if I’ve thought at all about the bacteria living on my skin, it has been while trying to scrub them away. But recently I spent four weeks rubbing them in. I was Subject 26 in testing a living bacterial skin tonic, developed by AOBiome, a biotech start-up in Cambridge, Mass. The tonic looks, feels and tastes like water, but each spray bottle of AO+ Refreshing Cosmetic Mist contains billions of cultivated Nitrosomonas eutropha, an ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) that is most commonly found in dirt and untreated water. AOBiome scientists hypothesize that it once lived happily on us too — before we started washing it away with soap and shampoo — acting as a built-in cleanser, deodorant, anti-inflammatory and immune booster by feeding on the ammonia in our sweat and converting it into nitrite and nitric oxide. Continue reading the main story RELATED COVERAGE The 6th Floor Blog: Scott After 28 Soapless Days

FOC.US - transcranial direct current stimulation for gamers - take charge

by sbrothier (via)
Overclock your brain using transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) to increase the plasticity of your brain. Make your synapses fire faster. Faster Processor, Faster Graphics, Faster Brain!

Inside the Strange New World of DIY Brain Stimulation | Magazine | WIRED

by sbrothier
When Brent Williams got to RadioShack that day in the spring of 2012, he knew exactly what he was looking for: a variable resistor, a current regulator, a circuit board, and a 9-volt battery. The total came to around $20. Williams is tall and balding, with wire-rim glasses that make him look like an engineer, which he is. He directs a center on technology in education at Kennesaw State University and is the kind of guy who spends his free time chatting up people on his ham radio or trying to glimpse a passing comet with his telescope. But this project was different.

Budwig diet info

by siemie
Info about Budwig diet - recipes, tips, diet plans

January 2014

December 2013

The Harmful Effects of Watching Television | The Unbounded Spirit

by anbll
Here are the main harmful effects of watching television that you should always keep in mind.

September 2013

Get Facility of Health Care at Home

by rohansinha
It might be easier than you think for you, or a loved one, to stay at home as you age. Taking care of you or them for a long term becomes really necessary when you or they start struggling...

July 2013

May 2013

Doctoralia Perú

by asteri
Guia de médicos y centros sanitarios en Perú

doctor information api appointment

by asteri
API to access doctor information and appointment booking

April 2013

March 2013

On your bike!

by tyteu
Healthy living needs more than organic food


by tyteu
"Today, more people are surviving longer after cancer treatment, and more of their needs are being addressed by research and included in the continuum of care."

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