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ToutVirtual, Inc. - Solutions - VirtualIQ 525

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ToutVirtual’s VirtualIQ 525 is a free solution which monitors and manages up to 5 CPUs or 25 virtual machines. ToutVirtual’s VirtualIQ 525 provides a web-based virtual server management portal for IT administrators. The portal provides a VirtualIQ dashboard which provides unique visibility into the virtual platform operations. VirtualIQ 525 manages and allows matching of available IT resource supply with your virtual infrastructure needs. The VirtualIQ dashboard allows you to easily identify which hosts and virtual machines are running at high utilization levels. In addition, it provides visibility into where excess capacity for real-time changes. The portal navigation system provides virtualization aware drill-down capabilities to provide the necessary virtual server context needed for problem diagnosis. IT administrators can also generate historical reports on resource utilization via the portal.


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