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Ideal Bite: Earth Friendly ideas!

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Earth Friendly ideas from Ideal Bite: Your place for green living tips made fun and easy, green consumer, organic foods, organic living, eco-friendly, ecologically sustainable lifestyle website! Small Changes . . . Done by Many . . . Create Big Results We know — from countless studies, personal experience, and common sense — that negative environmental messages aren't very helpful. People simply don't want to be told what's wrong . . . without being told how they can realistically help. As concerned as we may be, few of us are willing to change our preferences and lifestyle to help some vague 'greater good.' We need more than that — a personal reason to make a change, and the knowledge and inspiration to follow through. Leveraging today's efficient communication powers -- emails, blogs, text messaging, and more -- Ideal Bite is a catalyst for positive change every day, for all types of people. Our content focuses on personal benefits and positive impact, and does it with humor and style. It's a simple but powerful recipe for communicating effectively with millions of shoppers on a daily basis.


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