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by fgranger & 3 others
Une revue de la qualité écologique et environnementale de produits ménagers.



by springnet
Doris also has a wonderful floor plan with possibly the greatest kitchen in the world - made so by the overhead door out to the patio. It incorporates a screen that can be rolled down when the door is up to keep bugs out while letting breezes flow. Perfec

Lighter Footstep - Home

by lukeslytalker
Lighter Footstep is a web-based magazine dedicated to sustainable living: learning to thrive in our personal and business lives by making wiser choices.


by Shawn
A social consciousness blog touching on environmentalism and similar aspects of our society.


Gene Pool

by jlesage & 2 others
a science game: "a virtual Darwinian aquarium .. you initiate a primordial soup, and .. check up on what Virtual Mother Nature is up to - about every 15 min. (or every few days)"

Research on Place and Space

by jlesage & 1 other
huge portal site, across disciplines; "...other terms are sometimes used in place of place, such as home, dwelling, milieu, territory, and of course, space. None of these, though, are necessarily equivalent to the notion of place."

Joel Kovel

by jlesage
many of this important writer's essays online, a psychoanalyst who has long been a political commentator

$99,000 house

by jlesage
built out of shipping containers, schematics given; is this sustainability?

Why Work?

by jlesage
CLAWS: Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery. Since I am retired and a webmistress for a media site,, I love the idea of this site for personal reasons. But most people do have to work, so this maintains an utopian sensibility for al


by jlesage & 3 others
lots of fascinating image material; architectural conjecture :: urban speculation :: landscape futures

Radical Graphics

by jlesage
large collection organized by thematic and political categories; useful for office door poster, flyer, or demonstration

New Urbanism

by jlesage
website and organization promoting good urbanism, sustainable development, smart transportation, and transit oriented development.

More Hip Than Hippie

by nackereia
A Fun podcast. Similar to a talk show. It's awesome. I love it.

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