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05 April 2007

3D Worm - Fun Flash Games

The game you've probably played on a cell phone is now in 3D.

Universcale | Nikon

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Universcale presents a visual representation of our universe in a way that is easy to understand. It starts from a proton, moves up to an atom, cells, the moon, galaxies and ends at the universe. From the site: This world in which we live, The universe that comprises our world. In order to better understand them, humans have assigned to them the concept of "size" so they may be comprehended by all. Nevertheless, there are actually very few things we can see with our eyes or feel with our own hands. Our curiosity brings us to use objects visible to the naked eye as yardsticks to identify those things invisible and to give them new units of measurement. We are now capable capable of comparing and ranking these entities. We have, in fact, been given an 'infinite yardstick'. By setting things up against this yardstick, observing and comparing them are we able to accurately identify their true forms. They are silent when merely observed, but spring to life when put to use in a unique, creative way. One thing we know for certain is that they are all around us in our close vicinity.

04 April 2007

How to Buy an HDTV ... a technophobe's guide - Media 3.0 with Shelly Palmer

Welcome to Shelly Palmer's Technophobe's Guide to HDTV -- a very biased, highly opinionated, absolutely partisan instruction manual focused entirely on purchasing something you absolutely don't need. George Bernhard Shaw once said, "Every profession is a conspiracy against the laity." And, retail television salespeople (most of whom also sell toaster ovens) have the added bonus of having to deal with non-standardized manufacturer's specifications. If they sound like they are speaking in tongues, it's because they are! Now, you are about to spend somewhere between $600 and $25,000. So, you owe it to yourself to learn some terms-of-art. I have put a short vocabulary list at the end of this piece. I promise if you take a minute or two to read it, you will know more about HDTV and the related technologies than any salesperson you are likely to encounter. If you don't read it, and you don't already speak the language of digital television, this article is not going to make any sense at all!


very lovely group confessions. Socialmoth is a group confessional for friends. You know which confessions come from friends, but not which friend wrote the confession. It can be as anonymous as you make it.

Achievement Generator for Xbox Live -

Achievement Unlocked: Finding Webstie Where I Can Ceate My Own Xbox 360 Achievements

File Hippo - Download Free Software

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Purpose With our aim is to provide you with the simplest method of downloading the newest versions of the best software - without the usual excessive popups or spyware and without the low quality software. Features * Only the best software, we focus on quality not quantity. * Very fast servers with 100Mb connections, to make your downloads as fast as possible. * We keep the old versions of programs, so if you update and don't like the new version, you can always return to the old one. * All software is 100% spyware and virus free. * Filtering feature to allow you to only show Freeware and/or Non-beta software. * Full support for resuming downloads and download managers. * Change log and technical details for downloads. * RSS feeds for all updates, categories and for individual programs. * New European and US download servers. * Optimized pages for faster browsing. * Update Checker to scan your machine for old software. Update Client -

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The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases. These are then neatly displayed in your browser for you to download.

10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job by Steve Pavlina

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It’s funny that when people reach a certain age, such as after graduating college, they assume it’s time to go out and get a job. But like many things the masses do, just because everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. In fact, if you’re reasonably intelligent, getting a job is one of the worst things you can do to support yourself. There are far better ways to make a living than selling yourself into indentured servitude.


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What is this? Newshutch is a newsfeed reader. You tell us what websites you like, and we compile those websites for you in one simple place. What's so great about that? What's great about this is that you don't have to visit 20, 30, or 100 of your favorite sites every day, hoping that something new has been posted. Instead, you go to Newshutch and you see only what's new. Is it easy to get started? Absolutely. If you've never used an newsfeed reader before you just sign in and start adding the addresses of your favorite sites. If you already use a newsfeed aggregator, you can import your existing list of feeds.

03 April 2007

Don’t buy an HDTV without reading this first | George Ou |

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Forking out a few thousand dollars or even just a few hundred is a serious investment, and the last thing you want to do is buy an HDTV with lousy color rendition. Navigating the minefield in consumer electronics is a confusing proposition even for the seasoned gadget geeks, so I created this survival guide to help you make a wise decision. I'll explain the various types of HDTVs as well as cabling and testing the color depth of your display.

Safe Bedside Table by James McAdam

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It is reported that 50% of people in London are worried about security and sleep with some form of self-defence to hand, for use against intruders. The 'Safe Bedside Table' has a removable leg that acts as a club and a top that doubles as a shield for self-defence. This is for people who are willing to take on an intruder, providing an extra sense of security whilst in bed.

02 April 2007

A Harder Core Challenge - Men's Health

Master the side bridge to build better abs Don't underestimate the tame-looking side bridge. "Men think a good abdominal exercise has to make your abs burn," says Michael Boyle, M.A., ATC. Here's the truth: Side bridges improve the stability of all the muscles surrounding your spine and stomach. In fact, Canadian researchers found that men who can perform the side bridge effectively are less likely to encounter back trouble. Add this routine to your workout to bolster your core and help carve a six-pack.

01 April 2007 - All the craziest Amazon deals in one place

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Find all the products that are discounted by at least 70%.

How to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Suffering from sore muscles? Can you barely lift your arm to reach your keyboard? This step by step guide will help you get rid of your sore muscles ASAP!


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Multimedia blogging at its best! * Log photos, videos, & audio * Keep personal stuff private * Connect with private messages * Link to the world with bookmarks * Blog from your mobile phone "The perfect web app for you to log your life online" – G4 Tech TV

CalorieKing - Diet and weight loss. Calorie Counter and more.

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Diet and Weight Loss resources. Lose weight the healthy way, Home of USA's most comprehensive food database. Proving trusted diet and weight loss resources, tools, recipes and information. Lose weight the healthy way and keep it off for life. We all know it. Every day we are bombarded with messages about food. For the most part, the messages have the same objective - to get us to buy and consume more food. The success of these messages is evident in the number of additional messages we receive daily concerning diet programs, diet pills, diet foods, and diet self-help products promising to undo, at least for a while, the ill-effects of the food messages. CalorieKing's business is to set the food record straight. We exist to provide facts that generate the Aha! moments that anchor changed thinking about food, and result in sustainable behavior improvements and better health. We believe 'food awareness' may be the most important term in weight control. When Americans think 'food awareness', we want CalorieKing to come to mind. Food awareness is our business.

Quizlet › The End of Flashcards

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Quizlet is a full-featured web application for learning vocabulary. Create vocabulary lists and Quizlet gives you the tools to study, share, and discuss them with classmates. Quizlet is a tool for learning vocabulary Here's how it works: 1. You enter a vocabulary list of any words or data you want. (ex. SAT words, history dates, French-Spanish translations, etc.) 2. Quizlet gives you a specialized learning mode, flashcards, randomly-generated tests, and collaboration tools for classmates to help you study those words. 3. You ace your test. Here are some neat features: 1. Quizlet keeps track of the words you know and only retests you on the ones you don't. 2. You can share your word sets with classmates and get email notification when others make sets for you. 3. You can import words from a file without having to retype them into Quizlet. 4. Quizlet has accent buttons for typing letters in foreign languages. 5. You can discuss sets (and gossip about teachers!) with classmates via instant discussion boxes. 6. Quizlet works in any language. If you can type it into your keyboard, you can study it on Quizlet.

Travel Tip: Pick up at departures - Lifehacker

Lifehacker Matt Haughey offers a few good travel tips, including avoiding the arrivals area for pickups and meeting at departures instead: Especially on weekends and holidays, the arrivals area at most major airports will back up ridiculously as people hog the lanes and wait for people. A couple days before Christmas, we landed and I went out to fetch the car and pick up the rest of the family, but had to wait in a 15min long line to pick them up. The departures area was dead. I used this tip on Saturday and it worked great, as there were no lines and no waiting.

Grand Illusions

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Welcome to Grand Illusions the site for the enquiring mind. There are new and amazing toys in the Toy Collection, all with video clips to show them in action, and a unique collection of toys you can buy in the Toy Shop.

31 March 2007

Desktop Tower Defense

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A live action puzzle game written for fun in flash. You have to stop your enemies, or 'creeps', from travelling all the way across the screen. Tower pieces can be purchased and placed on the map to kill the creeps before they make it across.

30 March 2007

Zinkmo - IE Favorite and Firefox Bookmark Synchronization and Sharing

* Synchronize bookmarks across computers * Synchronize unlimited favorites * Synchronize across IE and Firefox browsers * Publish public or private shared bookmark folders * Contribute to shared favorite folders * Subscribe to public folders of links Zinkmo was originally created to fix a problem that a few technology professionals couldn't find a solution for anywhere else being able to access personal website Favorites and Bookmarks from multiple workstations in a simple reliable way. From this void, the idea for IESync emerged and it didn't take long before others wanted to use it as well. Since that early version, IESync now Zinkmo, has undergone many improvements. We've also added new features based on our bookmark synchronization technology that give programmers and webmasters an edge. We're sure you'll find it as useful as we do!

Your Guide To Tying A Tie -

In every corporate office, there is that one guy who stands out because he dresses better than the rest. You know which guy I'm talking about -- he's the one who looks polished from head to toe, with his designer shoes, stylish tailored suit, and perfectly centered, knotted tie. Okay, so he might wear a slightly more expensive necktie, but that's not why his looks better than everyone else's. Sure, it helps, but the main reason it looks so great is because he knows how to put it on properly and takes the necessary time to adjust it and make it look perfect.