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April 2008

English Spelling Games and Activities

Lots of interactive activities for spelling.

Spin and Spell

Learn to spell common words. Click a category, then click a picture. Spell the word by clicking the spinner. Click submit to check your answer.

March 2007

Math Magician Games

Click to practice addition, substraction, multiplication, and division problems

December 2005

Maggie's Learning Adventures Home

This index page presents 14 quick games for teachers to give to their students in order to practice math, grammar, Spanish, and science skills. A link to a helpful teacher's guide and recommended booklist is also included.

Maggie's Earth Adventures

Help rescue Maggie's dog, Dude, who is trapped on a rooftop! You can rescue him by answering a few math questions. Pick addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mix of all four. Then pick a level (Easy, Hard, or Extreme). Each question you answer correctly will get you closer to rescuing Dude. You can also play this game in Spanish.

October 2005

Comparing Fractions

Dolphin racing - Test your knowledge by finding the largest fraction to win the game. Ordering Game: Put fractions in order from smallest to largest

Fractions – A Booster Activity

Interactive activity for basic fraction recognition. Activities are intuitive and require little reading. Good for introductory unit. Teachers should view support materials.

August 2005

NATURE: Video Database & More

Video clips from PBS Nature series. Some clips have companion sites. Requires Realplayer. The Animal guide provides basic description information and a "critter fact". Try the "Fun and Games" section under the Cool Interactives heading at the bottom of the main page.

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