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January 2009

Science Up Close

Harcourt Science grades 1-6 with audio narration

July 2008

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Build a Neighborhood Activity

A neighborhood is a place where people live, work, play and pretend. What kind of neighborhood picture do you want to make? A house, a farm, a construction site or our Neighborhood of Make-Believe? Create a scene then write about it! Choose one area to get started, then create your own neighborhood with the pictures on the bottom

June 2008

K-6 Science

MacMillan/McGraw-Hill science editions online with animated and audio content.

Past Tense Game

Help Fernando get to school by typing the past tense of the verb shown on his book.

May 2008

Planet Size Comparison

What a great tool to see how the sun and planets compare in size. Try it, it's easy: In the first box choose "Sun". In the second box, choose "Mercury". Next, click the word "compare" located between the two boxes. Try different variations.

April 2008

Listen and Spell Dolch Words

Eleven Dolch word lists with audio prompt for given spelling word.

English Spelling Games and Activities

Lots of interactive activities for spelling.

Spin and Spell

Learn to spell common words. Click a category, then click a picture. Spell the word by clicking the spinner. Click submit to check your answer.

February 2008

Reach for the Stars

Practice multiplication with a space theme

November 2007

Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition

Grade 3 activities: Line 'Em Up! Three levels of play

October 2007

Math 3 Under the Sea!

Great Site for Grade 3 math

Kids' Lab Reading Workout

Great site for grades 1, 2, 3 for reading. Click the dropdown button to select the grade level.

Planets, Moons, and their Darksides

The activities will enable the teacher to: position the nine planets interactively demonstrate the phases of the moon show that the moon orbits the Earth roughly every 28 days illustrate to pupils that the Earth spins on its own axis show that day and night are related to the Earth's rotation

Kidspiration Solar System - Inner and Outer Planets Activity

Explain and demonstrate the sorting activity to the class. Each student will complete the activity by dragging and placing the planets into the appropriate Super Grouper. Each student will print his/her work

Planets in Our Solar System

Webquest for third grade. One or two links do not work.

September 2007

Scholastic Explorers: Native American Cultures

Native American cultures inclusing Anasazi and Pueblo Indians

Global Trek: Virtual Travel Around the World

Book your flight and travel to the country of your choice. Start a journal (password protected) and add entries for the selected topics. Print your journal when done or return at another time by revisiting the country. Great for Foreign Language and Culture classes.

The Space Place

Come on in and check out our games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology.

Planet Image Cards

Perfect images for the Size and Distance Activity located here:

eWord Game

Companion to textbook Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary but still useful for grades 1-6. Hover over the word or definition to hear it read aloud.

Geography Thematic Units

The majority of the Thematic Units are written for ages 7-9. Younger children can use them with help from adults, and older children can use them for extra learning or for their reports. There is a cost for each unit, but it is only $2.00...a good value!! Must be purchased per classroom. Many other subject areas available.

Famous Explorers Interview Videos

Produced by 5th graders. Includes: Leif Ericsson, Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, Jaques Cartier, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Amerigo Vespucci, Hernando Cortes

August 2007

Monarch Watch

:Dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research Great site for the study of monarch butterflies.