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March 2009

Have Fun with Living History - Free streaming history videos & activities

American history is best served hot and there are lots of ways to warm up to it. At HFwH, we bring free streaming video, interactive presentations, and links to many other resources to bring history alive. Go a step beyond the social studies or history classroom and use all your senses to connect with American History through audio, video, and living history.

January 2009

Science Up Close

Harcourt Science grades 1-6 with audio narration

June 2008

K-6 Science

MacMillan/McGraw-Hill science editions online with animated and audio content.

Human Body Systems

MacMillan/McGraw-Hill resource for gr 5 unit on Human Body Systems. Animations and audio. Great for DI

May 2008

Welcome to The Monticello Classroom!

Resources and activities for unit on Colonial America.

April 2008

Listen and Spell Dolch Words

Eleven Dolch word lists with audio prompt for given spelling word.

Spin and Spell

Learn to spell common words. Click a category, then click a picture. Spell the word by clicking the spinner. Click submit to check your answer.

March 2008

BAM! Body and Mind |

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From the CDC, a great interactive site for health topics: diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, your safety, your life, your body. Resources for teachers here as well.

November 2007

On the Trail of John Smith

Follow John Smith as he helps establish the Jamestown colony, explores the Chesapeake Bay, and meets local Native Americans in this new interactive adventure. Great for differentiation: audio narration with animated story and embedded learning games occur withing within the story.

Google Earth Virtual Tours

Click the "Open KML" Link to view the tour in Google Earth

World Atlas

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Highest lowest biggest smallest tallest deepest oldest youngest Continents Countries Cities Dependencies Deserts Islands Lakes Mountains Oceans Provinces Rivers Seas and more list by World Atlas

Geo Quiz Archive

Geoquiz from BBC/PRI in text and audio format

The Seven World Wonders

A complete listing of all the World Wonders in a variety of categories

Geospy -- National Geographic Kids

Can you identify all the continents, states, and provinces? Try GeoSpy and find out!

October 2007

Math 5 Live

Great interactive site for grade 5 math

coolfood kidz

Interactive site about food and food choices

BodyWorks Games

Hi! We're Art and Spleen from PROBE, PROfessional Body Explorers. Do you know how your body works? Let’s find out!

Life Science Connections - Human Body Adventure

Engaging site designed by a middle school teacher for grade 7 life science, but content can be used for 5th grade unit because of the way the information is presented in bulleted format with graphics. If students have trouble using the naviagation menu, use the site map:

The Balanced Plate

Learn about balancing the food groups then try sorting foods.

The Watershed Game

This is an interactive computer game which illustrates how human actions affect water quality within a community. Players take on the role of a city planner, and must make choices about recreational, agricultural, industrial, and residential development projects. The choices made by players will determine how much of a negative impact the project will have on the water and habitat within the community

Virtual River

An enrichment site for 5th grade River Study

Interactive Body

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Try some of these interactive games to learn about the human body.

Yucky Gross and Cool Body

Learn about the human body and body systems on the Yuckiest Site on the internet.