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Cubescape - Your own digital landscape

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Ever wanted to create your own isometric pixel picture, but didn't know what the word isometric meant? Well, now you can fulfil your wildest dreams with Cubescape!

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the * quilting * bee

The Quilting Bee is an interactive club & friendship clique all in one. Members design their very own patch to trade with other members. As they collect these patches they "sew" these onto their quilt. Soon the quilts become big, beautiful and colourful a

J-Domain [Open Source]

JDraw is a pixel oriented graphics editor designed especially for small to medium-sized pictures used to decorate web pages. It is completely written in Java, simple to use and saves (animated) GIFs, ICOs and PNGs.

January 2008

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citypixel, the pixelart-based Internet city created to host and facilitate all your relationships.