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July 2007

February 2006

Blogger 2.0 .NET Component

by tagtooga & 1 other
A free .NET component that can be used in C# and VB.NET applications, as well as in ASP.NET web sites. It provides a Blogger API for managing blogs at It can create new posts, edit existing posts,delete posts, and download blog posts.

Blogging and Feed .NET / ActiveX Components

by tagtooga & 1 other
Tortuga .NET and ActiveX Components for Blogger 2.0, Blogger 1.0, MetaWeblog, Movable Type, Technorati, and Yahoo Site Explorer.

Movable Type ActiveX Component

by tagtooga
A free ActiveX component (DLL) that can be used in any programming language that supports ActiveX, such as Visual Basic, VBScript, Delphi, Visual C++, MFC, ASP, Visual FoxPro, etc. It provides an interface to the Movable Type API for managing blogs. It enables applications to get recent post information, fetch blog category lists, fetch categories assigned to a blog post, update categories

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