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Blogging and Feed .NET / ActiveX Components

by tagtooga & 1 other
Tortuga .NET and ActiveX Components for Blogger 2.0, Blogger 1.0, MetaWeblog, Movable Type, Technorati, and Yahoo Site Explorer.

Movable Type ActiveX Component

by tagtooga
A free ActiveX component (DLL) that can be used in any programming language that supports ActiveX, such as Visual Basic, VBScript, Delphi, Visual C++, MFC, ASP, Visual FoxPro, etc. It provides an interface to the Movable Type API for managing blogs. It enables applications to get recent post information, fetch blog category lists, fetch categories assigned to a blog post, update categories

Googlify your Movable Type Blog - Movable Type News

by zboog
With the recent release of the new version of Google's toolbar for Internet Explorer on Windows, it's now possible to make your own custom buttons for the popular browser extension. Once installed, the button gives you easy access to your most recent entr

December 2005

August 2005

Just 平生一笑

by kalley & 2 others
blog,有不少Movable Type的插件和使用技巧,也有简体中文语言包发布

Localization: Traditional Chinese Archives

by kalley
MT中文化套件 好像只有繁体的

Learning Movable Type: Tutorials and Tips for Beginners

by kalley & 6 others

What Do I Know

by kalley
Movable Type个人图书馆 :

by kalley
结合Spotlight Sites的MT

Not A Dollarshort

by kalley
Movable Type 月历

The Morning News

by kalley & 4 others
Movable Type 新闻发部站

photojunkie magazine

by kalley
Movable Type 相册

by kalley
Movable Type 相册

Log of Links

by kalley
Movable Type 书签收集网站

Dive Into Accessibility

by kalley & 4 others
Movable Type 电子书

April 2005

あなたのmovabletype、重たくないですか?(テンプレートモジュール化) (CROSSBREED クロスブリード!)

by xaviel
Movable Typeの再構築にかかる負担を減らすために、テンプレートファイルをモジュール化。

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