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Campagne marketing per Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus e Soundcloud - Viralmarket


Brickflow - Turn your media into memorable stories

by gregg
COLLECT MEDIA BASED ON A HASHTAG, AND TURN IT INTO A BEAUTIFUL SLIDESHOW. Our live hashtag wall is used at events to present tweets and instagram photos for more fun and engagement.



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The social media hub for hashtags

Blottr Olympics

by gregg
Citizen journalism site Blottr has launched a channel to encourage people to upload and share their photographs and videos of the Olympics. Blottr is offering to print the best photo from each contributor and turn it into a fridge magnet that it will give to those who submitted the pictures "free of charge as a keep sake and memory of the games". Blottr is also planning to showcase reports of the games, including "profiles of participating athletes from the smaller, less prominent countries in the world", the outlet said in a release.

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